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'Cage Prisoners' Asim Qureshi and Cerie Bullivant with stop the war coalition leader 
john rees sandwiched in the middle. rees and the rest of the stop the war leadership seems to be defending and promoting neo-colonial death squads since at least 2011

A WHOLE load more questions raised in the Cageprisoners / ‪JihadiJohn‬ ‪Emwazi‬ scandal. Not many people are asking them as many political interests (left, liberal, british state, nato, intel services, pro Ikhwan, Qaeda, Nusra, Isis, and other pro neo-colonial death squad interests) are pro actively in a direct and indirect conspiracy to keep this all quiet. ONLY the victims and governments who are countering and fighting back this unholy alliance have a actively vested interest and modus operand to defeat this covert and not so covert neo-colonial death squad project.

Here is an incomplete list of things, analysis and probing into this developing madness:

1, Asim Qureshi and his other 'Cage Prisoner' colleagues have been utterly naive and amateurish in dealing with the press etc in this latest death squad controversy expose. They have obviously got so smug that they thought that any of the nonsense they would be saying to a hyper anti-Muslim and colonial media would have had some kind of effective approach.

2, The whole Cage Prisoner and related pro death squad circles narrative and discourse is so tricky and flawed its astounding, ie.,

a, they think that by saying in the mainstream colonial media that the Mi5 were responsible for creating someone into a head chopping nut job is gonna wash with anyone outside their death squad sympathising circles. It wouldn't, it hasn't and it won't.

b, By saying some Mi5 harassment is what was the main thing that forced him / encouraged him / pushed him into 'ISIS' IN THE WAY THEY HAVE ARTICULATED IT, is just very simple minded political nonsense, as no one outside their neo-colonial death squad circle believes any of that utter rubbish. And the conlusions from such a twisted narrative is even more ridiculous.

c, If Mi5 harassment is so bad, and the british state are so bad (which they are, indeed, they are the smartest, craftiest and bloodiest of all political entities ever known to Humanity), then why have they had secret meetings with Mi5?? Have they had any other meetings with Mi5 that we do not know about? Probably. What other direct or indirect dealings have THEY had with the intel services? MORE OF THIS INFORMATION WILL COME OUT FROM THEM, of that I have no doubt.

d, To go down a critique of the intel services is one I would encourage, but NOT in the tricky and stupid way 'Cage' are. Of course, like the british state, Cage cannot really have a proper expose of the intel services, as both the british state AND Cage and related 'takfiri' death squad fanboys/girls and organisers are deeply implicated in THE SAME death squad project in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, etc as the British and other leading nato countries, israel, turkey and the gulf monarchies are leading.

3, The fact that Asim Qureshi is so in love with Emwazi/'JJ', a whole load more questions should arise therefrom:

i, What are the ideological affinities between Cage and the project that Emwazi/JJ has seemed to get involved with?

ii, What political advice is Cage giving to wannabe death squad members like Emwazi/JJ seems to be? Cage's OWN number 1 hero  - Moazzam Begg - himself has secret meetings with Mi5 to then get the green light to train death squads in Syria (and elsewhere? Libya?), SO THATS A CLEAR EXAMPLE HE AND THEY ARE SETTING TO OTHERS. How can they blame the Mi5 in this sordid neo-colonial covert operations when they themselves are dancing with the devil in secret?

iii, When did Asim Qureshi and Co realise that JJ was (in Asim's own words of late!) most likely Emwazi, and what political acts did they make in light of that? Meaning: did they try and cover their own backs? Did they have communication with the british state in relation to this, and what was the nature of that communication?

iv, WHAT OTHER death squad nut jobs are Cage protecting, facilitating, working with etc? My hunch is that MORE DEATH SQUAD NUTS THAT CAGE ARE PROTECTING WILL BE EXPOSED IN THE MONTHS AND FEW YEARS AHEAD

v, Considering that the Cage is deeply implicated in so much mess (lee rigby killers, Moazzam going to train head choppers in Syria, now Emwazi/JJ scandal), how is it that the british state can allow Cage to still operate, I hear their official semi state funding (Joseph Rowntree Foundation etc) funding has dried up, their account is frozen, I know Moazzam got a million or two as 'compensation' from the british state for his detention ordeals, but its amazing that Anjem Choudhury-like they are able to continue to operate politically and getting wall to wall mainstream coverage.

vi, Some may say that Emwazi/JJ became a maniac death squad type after his communication with Cage Prisoners. However, when we, including me use these terms like 'maniac', it implies that a person needs to be some grunting crazy foaming at the mouth nutcase to do these depraved things, but the reality is that these things are done by our neighbours, class mates etc, whoI know someone who is supportive of the Nusra/Isis stuff and also has had some work done in his favour by Cage Prisoners, and he is a very good neighbour to me growing up in my community, he would literally jump to my physical defence if someone was being aggressive to me in the local park, but then would happily justify and possibly take part in whatever madness these death squads are doing and very vocifersouly defend the ideological/'religious' basis of Isis/Nusra type of shite.

All in all, this whole nonsense should raise many many more questions and alarm bells unless people are blinded by obvious obvious obvious things cos they got a soft spot or are in love with the death squads a la Asim Qureshi and crew.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcom

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Felicity Arbuthnot said...

Very well done, Sukant. More questions than answers indeed. Congratulations on raising them in an excellent start. There will surely be many more.

Warmest, f.