Wednesday, 21 January 2015


#‎americansniper‬ film, neo-colonial war and representations of the resistant-colonised and the colonisers: this fim is continuing to do what the propaganda arms of the neo-colonialists have always done. Countless yankee films glorifying their genocidal wars against Koreans and Vietnamese have all raised up the 'Humanity' of the genocidal troops while our people are worth nothing but to be raped ('love you long time' and many other such like are disgusting and reprehensible neo-colonial white supremacist anti-female slurs), sexually assaulted, massacred, blown to bits, and our glorious Korean and Vietnamese Communist-led Resistance as thugs, brutes and idiots, when really these comrades of ours are the loftiest in ethics, moral and sacrifice for our peoples. This new 6 oscar nominated film only but continues in this trend.

My concern is NOT that this is another tear and sympathy inducer for neo-colonial genocidal troops, but that we are in danger in playing into the racist sterotypes by failing to support our Resistance today in Syria, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere by being silent on this, or supporting the smaller scale supremacist death squads who are serving 'western' interests on every level, and to think people are supporting this by their support for these very same death squads under the guise of the 'Arab Sting' and the rest.

This film and the general western project is preparing culturally and psychologically people to actively support their neo-colonial project, my main concern and agenda is that are WE preparing our people and the people in the west for OUR current global Resistance and Liberation struggle of our peoples, countries, multi-lateral bodies in this final stage of battling to defeat neo-colonialism once and for all.

A lot of opposition to this film has become another moaning groaning opportunity for empire-liberals (those who talk some lefty 'radical' rhetoric, but give a pass or support the enemy when it comes to the crunch) to embellish their neo-colonial prejudices and pining to be accepted by the left wing of the neo-colonial society. On a connected note, Brian Di Palma's film on Iraq - Redacted- is by far the best film I have seen on Iraq along with the excellent doc-film 'Meeting Resistance'. While Redacted does not explain or point to how Iraqi Al-Qaeda was given direct and indirect support by the brits and yanks, it is still excellent. Meeting Resistance is a VERY important filmic documentary on the Iraqi Resistance.

Please God, unite and inspire the uniting of ALL those forces which strategically sought to unite ALL Iraqi peoples against the enemy, some of whom are split and divided today.

I am / we are the ‪#‎VietnameseSniper‬,

the ‪#‎SovietSniper‬,

the ‪#‎KoreanSniper‬,

the ‪#‎FLNSniper‬,

the ‪#‎PalestinianSniper‬,

the ‪#‎ANCSniper‬,

the ‪#‎BlackPantherSniper‬,

the ‪#‎RobertFWilliamsSniper‬,

the ‪#‎Cuban26JulySniper‬.

I am ‪#‎HumanitysLiberationSniper‬,

the ‪#‎DecolonialSniper‬,

the ‪#‎AntiImperialistSniper‬.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


Anonymous said...

Chris Kyle was no hero but a bloody mass murderer.

Mike Malloy on the Mike Malloy Show
Video 6mins.

Anonymous said...

Has a single Arab or country from the South banned The Amercian Sniper? Why has there been no action to do so in those countries?
Go to Basra and see how they hated the British forces - one of the most savage in the world - there!
And yet they allow in such shit?