Monday, 19 January 2015


Br Mbandaka, Br Student Minister Hilary Muhammad, Sr Sara Myers, Sukant Chandan, Br Mustafa Ali

On Friday 16th January 2015, the Nation of Islam and Brother Student Minister Hilary Muhammad, Minister Lous Farrakhan official representative in Britain held a packed community event at their building in Brixton. Over 200 people were engaged in a dynamic and insightful discussion around the discussion topic of 'is there freedom of speech', as well as addressing other issues such as 'are Islam and terrorism synonymous' and 'is there a war on Islam'.

It was an honour for myself to share a panel at such an event organised by the NoI because, as I mentioned in my address I have a deep respect for the work of the NoI and especially Minister Louis Farrakhan who has played a mentoring role in my life. One of the most inspirational things Minister Farrakhan has done for me is when in early 2011 when the neo-colonialists and their allies in North Africa and the 'Middle East' were conducting a orgy of lynching, raping and destruction under the guise of the 'Arab Spring' Minister Farrakhan joined in with other of our revolutionary global leadership such as Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez in identifying that traumatic episode for what it was: a clear project to destroy one of Africa's greatest countries, leaderships, to wreak a revenge on Muammar Gaddafi's leadership to the global struggle against imperialism, including a massive amount of radical Black and Asian organisations within the leading european countries themselves and his more recent leadership in Pan-African capacity building in the form of the African Union and also developing 'South-South' strategic relations with the rest of the world especially our allies in the souther half of the African continent. 

As I imparted at the event, when it comes to freedom of speech, I witnessed myself what the West really mean by that when the Libyan Jamahirya TV building was destroyed by Nato bombs martyring some 12 brothers and sisters whose only 'crime' was to resist and counter the Nato and allied war of aggression against the Libyan people. 

The event saw other panellists stating clearly that when it comes to freedom of speech this must be contextualised with power relations whereby those higher up in the neo-colonially defined and constructed hierarchy are enabled more freedom of speech whereas the greater victims of the neo-colonial order are denied freedom of speech when that speech is married to relative and resistant power to the same system, and when our speech becomes manifest in effective action we are faced with often deadly responses from the same system of oppression. However, it is only through building our own capacity of organisations, media married to our struggle of Black peoples in the three souther continents of 'latin' America, Asia and Africa can we liberate Humanity from the "greatest purveyors of violence" on the planet today who remains the regimes of Paris, London and Washington. In that endeavor, the NoI have contributed greatly and continue to, and with them I hope we can increasingly work shoulder to shoulder with our peoples and with God on our side. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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May God bless Louis Farrakhan with many more years of standing up for global justice.