Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Highly successful event tonight, thanks to all who made it happen, esp my Trincontinental comrades Hafsa Kara who chaired brilliantly, Dhruv Shah for the audio-visual work, Carlos Martinez on the e-comms. Many thanks for the support from George Galloway MP and for his contribution at the start of the event. our Libyan brother Dr Mabruk Derbésh made a very insightful contribution and in the QnA on how he was in opposition to Muammar Gaddafi on many issues pre 2011, but considered things today incomparitvely worse and he said "I wish the problems of the Jamahirya returned, as compared to now what Libya has become, they were hardly problems at all".

And many thanks again to Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (د. موسى إبراهيم), former Libyan Jamahirya government media spokesperson during the nato war of aggression and divide and ruin in 2011. It was a historic event in that Dr Moussa Ibrahim spoke for the first time in english since 2011, that this pro-resistance pro-GlobalSouth event took place in the british parliament (with britain being a leading force in the destruction of Libya), and that we had the direct support of a parliamentarian. Still lots more work to do to bring to light and justice the greatest crime against Humanity in our times.

Many thanks to all who came, many thanks to the LIbyan community who represented today, they comprised nearly half of all the 70 people in the room. Thanks to friends who came from far and wide, thanks to our sister from Prague who traveled all the way especially for this meeting, and other comrades from Sheffield, Brighton and elsewhere who attended. Thanks to RT for coming. As we say in SouthAsia BBC murdabad, to the scummy little bbc slave who read of his mi5 style sheet in asking Dr Moussa some utterly stupid questions, and thanks to the Libyan monarchist who came who gave me the chance to tell him off and put him in his place in my speech when he was smirking at me mentioning the systematic persecution and lynching of darker skinned Libyans that still continues today. Libyan people deserve our support who are resisting nato and its allied death squads, not those death squad leaders and their closest supporters such as Hakim Belhaj and Moazzam Begg and Cage Prisoners. Lynchers of anti-nato revolutionaries and Black Libyans and Africans (and Syrians etc) like the aforementioned are not worthy of more support than their victims!

professional HD videos of the event up soon on youtube! A fuller written report and pictures coming out tomorrow.

(Sukant Chandan, Tricontinental)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Sukant, that was a great achievement we salute you. I had a chance to speak to some Anti Gaddafi people who were present. I found out about them through the kind of questions they were putting forward to the speakers. I was really shocked to found out how narrow minded they were.

I could not understand why someone would be concern with the projects that had failed to meet the deadline before 2011 while we were talking about 2000 millions of refugees without status. Or even worth ignoring a genocide of blacks tribe.

I then understood after speaking to them that these people have been fooled to believe that the removal of Gaddafi would just put money in their pockets.

I just think it is a human greed that is behind all of that. The idea that Nato would start a project to invade a country and anyone expect that the outcome would be in his favour is really naive to say least.

One thing these guys they need to be aware of is this.
Getting fooled to kill their brothers for financial gains not only they made the tribal issue very hard to resolve for the next generations but also they have committed a crime crime against humanity and genocide on blacks people.

That in my view is not going any where soon or later they will face justice.

I told these guys that Libya had a very good reputation around the world and respected for being self efficient. They told me that that didn't mean anything to them because they were not benefiting from Libya wealth only the regime people was. Even one of them told me maybe the regime was good for africans.

That really shocked me because I then understood that these people don't consider themselves as Africans even though the country is on African continent.

I told them that the reputation is very important. It is a brand. That's why they were able to travel the world easily because the country was known to be rich.

Now they will found out what it means to have a poor country. On top of that their image has been stained with racism they will find it harder and harder to be accepted on the African Continent and everywhere else in the world. Africa is bigger than them soon or later they will have to come to term with that fact.

To kill africans people and come and hide here in Europe thinking that your job is done. They are wrong the same people who help them to kill their brothers and sisters are the same people who will trial theme.

Technology is growing exponentially soon satellites imageries of these atrocities will be exposed for everyone to see. They will face justice Inshallah.