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Aaron Dixon, Seattle chapter leader of the Black Panther Party

"On a day to basis in the community, we [the Black Panther Party] often received pleas for help from upset mothers concerning their teenage daughters and the pimps in the area. The Seattle-Tacoma region boasted Fort Lewis, one of the largest military installations on the West Coast, two air force bases and several naval bases, all of which contributed to the big business of prostitution. Elmer and I knew a number of the young girls who stood on them corners, soliciting. We had grown up with them, attended school with them. Whenever we saw any underage sisters down on 'Ho Stro', where the prostitutes strolled on Yesler Street, we sent them home. And, because our community center [Black Panther office] was near the Ho Stro, many of the prostitutes took refuge in our office when the police came down on them. Sometimes, at the request of the mothers, we went out in search of their daughters on the streets of Seattle or at pimp's houses; on occasion pimps kidnapped young women and sent them to Utah to 'break them in'.

One day a couple of comrade sisters came in from selling [Black Panther] papers and told us they had been harassed by some pimps, so we sent a squad to where the pimps lived. The comrades broke down the door and administered some revolutionary justice. About a week later, we held a fundraising dance to benefit the [Black Panther organised free] medical clinic. Toward the end of the event, [Black Panthers] Elmer, Anthony, Jake Fidler, and Valentine were doing a security check of the perimeter when Valentine spotted a young girl sitting in a gold Cadillac, crying, while a pimp with a big floppy hat sat at the wheel. Valentine leaned in and asked the girl what was wrong. He got into the cas as she scooted over.

"He won't let me leave," she said quietly.

"You want to leave, you can leave," responded Valentine. "He won;t do nothing - watch.," Valentine said, taking out his knife and beginning to slice up the leather of the interior of the car.

The pimp showed no reaction because Elmer, on the other side, had a 9mm pointed at his head. Valentine took the young girl back to her mother.

The next day, five Cadillacs of various colours pulled up to the community center. James Redman, Valentine and I met them as they pulled up. We exchanged words as they voiced their anger at our interventions. I advised them them to look up at the office windows, where they saw some heavy artillery looking down on upon them. They took off. Shortly afterward, the troublesome pimps moved to Tacoma." 

- My People Are Rising: memoir of a Black Panther Captain, Aaron Dixon [pictured] p193-194

A few comments: this shows a number of things, straight away I notice how 'pimping' ie., the organised systematic abuse of women and girls has been promoted non-stop by the mainstream and has now been internalised on a mass level by the masses and whereby it is a generally accepted term of positive reference!

Secondly, this shows that an oppressed people can only move forward if they have the organised and militant capacity in their community to confront the ruling elite's promotion of anti-people oppression on a non-state level, ie., through their support for organised crime such as drug dealers, pimps and so on. Finally, this shows how tall an order it is for people to actually start building the beginnings of a real peoples struggle, ie., I am not advocating being armed at all, but there has to be a serious level of organised discipline and militancy and conciousness if we are to even take the first real baby steps to a real revolutionary peoples movement.

Aaron Dixon was in his LATE TEENS when he was leading the Seattle branch of the Panthers. What shame this puts us all to and the pathetic and sorry state of peoples determination for revolutionary dedication! What an inspiring example the Panthers and all our anti-imperialist socialist revolutionaries, movements and countries were and are in the GlobalSouth and the few organisations remaining in the 'west', like Sinn Fein and Basque Country revolutionaries mostly. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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