Friday, 9 January 2015


Neo-colonial/Eurocentric Anti-racism

'Race, sex, class' (racism, sexism and classism) have long been the three things that western radicals have critiqued etc. Of course, (neo)colonialism manifests in many other oppressions. But in this radical lexicon, 'racism' *should* directly connect to or even equate to 'western superiority', or the global nature of oppression, but it factors in western radicalisms analysis ONLY in the sense that westerns treat it as an exotic 'other' struggle, they have a paternalistic attitude towards it: those pitiful Black n Brown people who die, starve, tortured, struggle and martyred in their millions. They are exotified: those sexy dying, fighting oh-so-cool human capital on whose sacrifices we can steal their symbols and iconography to posture a neo-colonial 'radical'posture' but more often than not, actually western radicals have a profound neo-colonially informed and neo-colonially infected fear, hostility and hatred for those historically and especially today fighting and slowly defeating neo-colonialism.

THIS is what racism is, not some eurocentric geo-political bubble by which 'radicals' have a spoilt child of empire tantrum with their ruling class parents. Western radicals are not just racists (joining in white supremacy with a oh-so-contemporary benetton rainbow twist) but deeply and actively vested in the neo-colonial oppression defined arrogance, ego, and hyper-racism.

In a sense, the number one problem is still, as Du Bois said, the 'colour line', just that the enemy has brought into its side of the 'colour line' overwhelming amount of radicalism, including Black n Brown radicals. As Malcolm X said at the oxford union debate paraphrasing Shakespeare: 'to be or not to be' is the central question, or to be a part of the neo-colonial system or to be outside of it and to be in unity with the global Resistance against it.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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