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‪Fidel Castro And Malcolm X At The Hotel Theresa, 1960

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Why are we seeing the rise in anti-Black&Brown terror in the usa and the west generally?

In my estimation, this is all in context of two main interrelated issues:

1, the growing numbers and connected political clout of non-white/Black&Brown people in the usa. Obama is a distorted and twisted manifestation of that, but, as you say, its about white supremacist neo-colonial perceptions. the usa state and its more racist allies know their time is coming up that much sooner, hence tea party and the rest.

If Black and Brown people dont seriously rise to these challenges they will and are walking into a race war where there is no guarantee anyone is going to win or a better situation will arise.

You (Dan Welch) say there is no alternative but to develop cos backs are against the wall etc. That's true, but the 25 year history of the 'west' in GENERAL shows that however much backs are against the wall is no fundamental ingredient to the development of a movement of resistance. And despite the protests around these deaths by state forces, there is STILL no upsurge in numbers of organising and movements etc. There are peaks and dips, but the general trend is still going downwards and not upwards.

2, connected to rise of Black&Brown numbers and some connected and distorted political clout is the 'rise' (or re-rise) of the non-'west'/GlobalSouth, which again feeds the white supremacist reflex across the west, as it does their reflex onto the GlobalSouth (Libya, Arab Sting, Pivot to Asia, and before that 'NWO', full spectrum dominance etc etc).

The main thing that is missing for the Black & Brown people to have any viable future and directly connected to this, for all of Humanity to have a future is a strategic bridge (that Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, RNA and many others were so brilliant at developing) between the GlobalSouth and GlobalSouth diaspora in the 'west'. This is what we tiny numbers are trying to do in our pathetic and meagre ways, while the GlobalSouth seems at the moment since 1991 to be uninterested in doing that, although there are a few interesting developments here and there which we should value, promote and celebrate.

Anyway, we got several decades or so left on this planet, lets see where it and our work takes us.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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