Thursday, 25 December 2014


Harvesting of Pepper in Coilum in southern India 14 Century painting

Sugar & Spice and all things Crazy Crackers

european colonialism when in its genesis formation conducted genocide and slavery never seen before in its exceptional conceptual and quantitative nature to access and rape land, women, girls, men and boys of the developing or actual colonies, the previous four of which were categorised as non-humans/chattel, one of the unique contributions of the 'west' to the world. colonialism also accessed greater and greater sugar and spices from Africa, the Americas and Asia through colonial terror and looting.

The interesting thing is that our (esp Asian/Indian) spices never made it in general into the main savoury dishes of europeans, but only into their sauces and desserts, examples: worcestershire and ketchup sauces, christmas and 'mince' pies and chutneys (chutney's being an Indian thing anyway which they nicked). However, the ironic thing is that colonialism conducted slavery and genocide to access these spices for a growing european palate and to make massive superprofits, but they didnt add these spices into their main dishes, and then when large numbers of Black and Asian people entered into england post 2nd WW white racists complained esp in regards to South Asians that 'they stank of Indian food', but then this 'stinky Indian food' in a few decades became the white peoples favourite food of choice!

I suppose seeing its xmas, the apt term to call these kinda peoples are CRAZY CRACKERS! Anyway, I'm off to have some classic Indian xmas dinner of Dal, Paneer Bhuji, Roti and Nihari!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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