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The speech of the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP)

In the 16th meeting of the “International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties”
(Guayaquil – Ecuador, November 12 / 15/ 2014)
Deputy General Secretary
Dear Comrades

First, on behalf of the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP), allow me to present our best comradely regards to the Communist Party of Ecuador and the people of Ecuador who are making, with the peoples of other Latin America countries, in front of them Cuba and Venezuela, a very important experience, on internal and external levels, through “Citizenship Revolution”. Citizenship Revolution which has changed, since 2007, a lot of things on social, economical and political levels especially in the field of fighting social differences, poverty and rethinking about the petro-economic relations with the monopoly companies.

We see in this Revolution, and the role of the Communist Party in it, as an example for us to study it under the slogan of our present meeting which concentrates on the role of the communist and workers parties – and all the anti imperialist forces – in struggling against imperialism and capital investments which are creating, today, crisis, fascist raising, reactionary forces… etc especially in the Middle East and the Arab World.

 The situation in the Arab region

Imperialism, and its military tools NATO, which faced tough attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, and which was surprised by the two revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and other uprisings in many other Arab countries, especially in the Gulf, is trying today to control our region by what is left from collapsed systems. Also this imperialism is counting on the role of the reactionary Arab and regional systems, in specific Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to control the decision against the Arab people. What fears imperialism in these revolutions and uprisings is that they have caused, even though they are still fragile, an important qualified move whether on the level of the masses who participated in making them (and in this field we have to point to the clear class factor as a motivator in these revolutions and uprisings) or on the level of their effects on uprising the communist and left forces to regain their lost position in leading the mass movements to break the subjection with imperialism and achieving the duties of the patriotic democratic revolution.

Here we have to point to that the struggle with the internal reactionary forces, in all its forms and shapes, is a liberating national struggle, especially if we take into consideration the role that is played by Washington in flaming the sectarian face of this struggle. As Washington was behind the establishment of “Al Qaeda” and other similar organizations, it is today encouraging the political organizations which has religious ideology, starting from “Moslem Brotherhood” up to ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria - ISIS, which is in Arabic named “DAESH”) to launch new internal wars in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The target is to continue dividing these countries, and other ones, to execute its project which is named “The New Middle East”. The latest imperialist coalition, which reminds us with the attack on Afghanistan and before it on Iraq, is a clear sign of the general plan, especially that the imperialist military forces are not really seeking to attack ISIS, and its brother organizations, but this coalition did not try to oblige Turkey to close its borders to stop the waves of thousands of terrorists who are coming from Europe, America and some Arab countries to enroll in the fight. Also this imperialist did not oblige Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop the support to these terroristic organizations.

Adding to that the imperialist coalition is bombing the cities in Iraq and Syria not to defeat ISIS but to keep the two conflicting powers able to fight and destroy, at the same time the multinational petrol companies, on their head the American ones, buy petrol which is seized by the fascist religious forces in Iraq and Syria and big part of this petrol is smuggled through the Turkish system… in all of this we must not forget Palestine. The Palestinian people is facing the continuous aggression on Gaza, West Bank and 1948 territories by escalating the resistance, especially the military one, to face the new imperialist-Zionist projects which are trying to benefit from the fight that is taking place in the Arab world to pass the second stage of the “Big Israel State” project which is changing this entity into “The Jews’ Sate in the World”.

LCP was, and still with developing “Arab Left Forum”, which was established 4 years ago from the womb of the Arab revolutions and uprising, because we see the historical duty of the Arab communist and left parties is in rooting the uprisings and preventing the counter-revolution forces from achieving their goals. That is why the left must be unified in every Arab state and on the Arab region in general to form the cell of wide front depending on struggling program for the patriotic democratic change its final target is to overthrow subjugated capitalists and liberation from imperialism. It is a program starts with developing the economic productive sectors, defending the rights of the working class, launching democratic freedom and eliminating all forms of discriminations and ignorance of youth and women…

The situation in Lebanon

In Lebanon we are facing three crises:

First: the terroristic forces that exist in our borders with Syria, and the similar ones in Lebanon which are formed of Lebanese, Syrian groups, and other, are trying to establish an “Imarat” (which means a small state under the rules of Islam) extends from east northern borders of Lebanon to the sea. Even though the Lebanese army is facing it, and the army has paid high price of this facing many soldiers and officers were killed or injured or captured (and we have one martyred among them), the ISIS attacks are still going on and threatening to be wider, especially in the situations of Lebanon where the sectarian division (Sunni-Shiite), which started in 2007, and exploded in 2008, is rooting and getting more divergent due to the fight in Syria, on one side, and on the other side due to what is happening in Yemen and Bahrain and other places where the authorities are trying divert the uprising to be sectarian fight over authority.

Second: the ruling class is seeking to benefit from the fight on the borders and the new Israeli’s threats to divide again the shares among the ruling class. The ironic thing is that Lebanon is without president from six months; the parliament renewed to itself under the false reason there is no possibility to do elections now. And its government which combines both sides of the bourgeoisie (part with relation with Saudi Arabia and part with relation with Iran and Syria) is almost out of order.

Third: the social and economical crises are becoming more complex. The economical situation is getting worse because Lebanon is not supported to cover the costs of the Syrian refugees and Palestinian refugees who recently came from Syria. The population of Lebanon is about 4.5 million inhabitants and got out of civil war which lasted for 15 years and now facing the spark again is unable to support the Lebanese poor people and those who have limited income, the question is how Lebanon can face the consequences of about 2 million Syrian and Palestinian refugees?

All of these situations pushed the Lebanese Communist Party to move in two directions: the first direction is social-economic direction depends on launching struggling syndicate movement in both sectors, the private and public, especially the public sector which is facing deep changes since the end of the civil war, in mid 90’s, to get rid of it. The other direction is political. It is to gather the democratic forces on the priority of changing the political system through eliminating the sectarian shares and calling to secular patriotic democratic system.

Subjugation in our countries is not only on bases of economic factor but also on the factors of religion and sect which imperialism depends on in its fight with the progressive and change forces.

From here again we suggest what we have confirmed before in the 15th meeting about our call to hold an international meeting to support the Arab people and their uprisings against reactionary, dictator system and against the imperialist forces, and for the sake of political, social and economic liberation… especially this suggestion which has been changed into decision (with adjustment in its written form) in the joint struggling group, was not discussed about how to be implemented last year.

This delay in doing many joint movements and struggles, which we have already decided to do, from developing the international organizations (syndicates, trade unions, youth, women) to activating our meetings as communist and worker parties, pushes us to present the priority of discussing our joint struggles today and how to develop them because we are under unified attack from the imperialist forces in the world. An attack taking the form of universal war depending on getting back the forms of previous fights from fascism to religious wars to coming aging to some forms of old forms of conquest… without forgetting the increasing role of ideological fights. So it is an attack which cannot be faced with “parts”, but it can be faced by unified program that has general character and unified regional and international forces with clear and specific targets.

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