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Cuba Stands Resolute through Five Decades of Neo-Colonial War
Rapprochement a historic victory for Cuba but also raises grave dangers

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Dec 17 2014

The Cuban Revolution and the Cuban socialist state and Communist Party which leads the Revolution has been a beacon of decolonial and anti-imperialist peoples revolution in the western hemisphere since 1959. It shown nearly single handledly in that hemisphere what is possible in terms of guaranteeing basic rights and freedoms to its people, freedom from hunger, homelessness, a world class free health system and the export of the Cuban Revolution by militant means as in the case of supporting the African Revolution against Southern African Apartheid through the supply of troops along with the USSR, and also through civilian solidarity through its famous medical teams and programs across the GlobalSouth. (Here is a good summary of Cuba's incredible achievements by comrade Carlos Martinez as to twenty reasons to support Cuba.)

More recently in history the Cuban Revolution has seen allies in the region which are following a path of similar policies in the case of the ALBA countries. Up until a few decades ago the region saw the neo-colonialists destroying the liberation projects throughout central and south America in a strategy very similar to the neo-colonial death squad policy it has against much of the 'Muslim world', ie., it used the most depraved pro-colonial forces to literally behead, rape and massacre and terrorise the revolutionary and resistant forces of the region into submission. Those days for the most have done, although that danger is ever present.

The recent thaw we are seeing in today's historic news of the start of a thaw in relations with the empire to the north of Cuba is a great historic victory for the Cuban Revolution and for the wider GlobalSouth. It is a victory because Cuba has been and continues to be subject to a covert and overt policy of neo-colonial war against it, despite this today's news is indicative of a defeat of the neo-colonialists against Cuba. This move of indirect admission of defeat by the yankee empire is as well the achievement of Cuba but also the GlobalSouth in the region and globally. Globally the GlobalSouth forces, especially China and Russia have provided Cuba and the wider CARICOM and ALBA region with the space by means of weapons, investment, and political protection to survive and continue our people-centred anti-imperialist processes.

Only in the past few days, the Community of Carribean Nations (CARICOM) summit in Cuba stated that they:

"Demand an immediate end to the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the government of the United States against Cuba and, especially, to its extraterritorial nature and the financial persecution of Cuban transactions, whose severity increases daily; the inclusion of Cuba on the List of States Sponsoring Terrorism, prepared and published unilaterally by the US State Department, and all undercover actions that the US government is carrying out to subvert domestic law and order in Cuba, including those that involve the illegal use of information and communications technologies, that constitute violations of Cuban sovereignty and its people's right to self-determination." (source)

The Organisation of American States, hitherto a tool by whereby the empire thought they could isolate Cuba is now lobbying stridently for the empire to respect Cuba and end its hostilities against it. Similarly the newer regional blocs especially the more combative ALBA formation have been doing the same, with the region's power house Brazil and its Workers Party leadership in former President Lula and now President Dilma playing a not too small part in making it clear that they will never forsake Cuba but rather always defend the regions small but most inspiring little-big brother.

Along with the fact that this is a victory for Cuba, the region and the wider GlobalSouth, the neo-colonialists are still that, they are a network of global power that seeks the highest rates of profit through total domination and monopolisation of power in every field, otherwise known as imperialism and coloniality. Although the GlobalSouth is rising in power and capacity, the neo-colonial system will never and has never ceased its efforts of domination through all war means necessary until it is long gone and buried by the GlobalSouth and the yet to be born strategic and political enemies within the 'west'.

In his speech about today's thaw, head yankee representative Barack Obama stated: "We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests", stating quite honestly that this move is to further not Cuba's interests in any shape or form, but the interests of the neo-colonialists.

Whereas in contradistinction to that, President Raul Castro of Socialist Cuba stated that: "We have been able to advance the solutions of some themes of interest to both nations".

Further, Obama states: "the best way to bring democracy and prosperity to Cuba is through a different kind of policy", ie., stating clearly once again that the neo-colonial war schemes against Cuba have utterly failed, including its more recent attempts at dirty tricks through the scandals of the Cuban twitter counterrevolution and the Cuban Hip-Hop counterrevolution (see here and here). Therefore this move on Cuba is seen strategically and in principle by the usa as a means of furthering its continuous neo-colonial policies by a change of tack.

This does not mean however that Cuba cannot use this to their advantage, but at the same time the Cubans are wiley and wise revolutionaries who know the devilish games of the enemy in changing its tactics towards it. Furthermore, the Cubans allies in North Africa and the 'Arab world' especially in the former socialist state of Libya of Muammar Gaddafi and the "Cuban of the middle east" (to quote another neo-colonial devil), Ba'athist Syria are two profoundly violent examples of how neo-colonial thaw can turn into white neo-colonial heat from open and covert war and death squad projection.

There is also the case of China who have also in the last several decades seen a thaw with the neo-colonial enemy (usa especially) and craftily used the thaw to build its own and allied GlobalSouth capacity to great effect, however on that front too the silent war between Socialist China and the usa is over, and preparations for the real war are well under way with the usa's shift from the middle east which they have now largely destroyed to the open war strategy on Asia and especially China in their openly stated "pivot to Asia". The Chinese are increasingly vocal about their own self-defensive measures to meet this approaching open war of aggression from the usa and the 'west' and its few regional Asian allies:

"Unfortunately, the situation in this [Asia-Pacific] region, in North Africa and elsewhere in the world generally becomes more and more difficult each year. In this context, the military and military-technical cooperation between Russia and China gains special nature and significance,” Shoigu said during the meeting with Xu Qiliang, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China." (source)

Finally, while this thaw is taking place, the yankee neo-colonialists are upping their war of destruction on Venezuela with slapping on further sanctions against it which will no doubt be followed by more Arab Sting-esque moves at destabilisation, as they are with Russia, these two countries being component parts with others in the leadership of the GlobalSouth decolonial and anti-imperialist revolution which is now in its final historic phase of struggle to bury once and for all the entire imperialist and neo-colonial system.

So in conclusion we have as ever two major mutually excluding phenonmenon at play at the same time: major opportunities for Cuba to further secure and deepen their Revolution and with that the allied regional and international GlobalSouth forces, and at the same time looking at the moves of the yanks against other GlobalSouth forces in Libya, Syria, Russia, China, Venezuela and elswhere, indicators to grave and great dangers to the Revolution. The GlobalSouth in the region of Cuba and more broadly are increasingly swiftly building unity on all levels, pushed along of late by the terrible events in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and the 'pivot to Asia'. We must support Cuba and trust and remain loyal to our GlobalSouth forces, they and billions of our people are in the bitter and beautiful trenches of struggle against the enemy, and we must uphold intense revolutionary vigilance and preparedness, siempre, hasta la victoria: forever, until victory!

Daniel Ortega FSLN/Sandinista leader and Nicaraguan President, Muammar Gaddafi, Fidel Castro

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