Monday, 29 December 2014


#‎iCantBreathe‬: If our peoples in the usa in relation to police brutality say "We Can't Breathe", how does this relate to our peoples in ‪Libya‬, ‪Syria‬, ‪‎Ukraine‬, ‪Mali‬, ‪‎Nigeria‬, ‪Somalia‬, ‪Palestine‬, ‪#Afghanistan‬ etc who are also oppressed incomparably more by the same western state forces? 

Are they choked and all dead? Do their 'Black lives' matter as much as those in the 'west'? Perhaps we need to be more sensitive to all our peoples, perhaps we need to be sensitive that ALL 'Black lives' matter, perhaps we should be incorporating the quantitative and qualitative higher levels of western oppression and ‪‎Resistance to that outside of the 'west', perhaps we need to re-think and re-analyse our slogans, analysis and political action to broaden things out and be inclusive to our peoples in the non-west Homelands who, as ‪Malcolm X‬ said, are leading our Struggle? 

Our struggle is Global, our struggle is One, our Struggle must resist the millions of ways western states divide us into defacto acting like some western based Black lives matter more than the 100s of millions of other non-western Black lives. To quote my younger ‪Egyptian‬ and ‪Nubian‬ bro Kribsoo: ALL global Black lives matter!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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