Sunday, 21 December 2014


Defending Assata is not sell out on Cuba's exemplary solidarity with Black and African Liberation

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
21 Dec 2014

There is NOT A SHRED of evidence suggesting the Cubans will do anything other than continue to protect Assata Shakur in protected exile in Socialist Cuba.

It's surprising or perhaps not that based on dirty reporting and lies that some people are promoting utter falsehood and frankly shit stirring in suggesting otherwise. How about some gratitude and respect for Cuba's historical and on-going protection of Assata a former Black Liberation Army and Panther protected by the Cubans longer than most people talking shit on this have been alive, let alone Cuba's exemplary and continuing record of support Black and African Liberation by means of free health programs, free PhDs for poor Black n Brown students from the usa, free weapons, fighters and martyrs against Apartheid and many many other things?!

Way too many spoilt brats of empire around, living it up in the west with all the benefits of neo-colonialist exploitation of the world for half a millennia while passing judgement on shit they know next to nothing about and in so doing doing the dirty work of imperialist psy-ops for the enemy.

Comments from friends:

true, but another point to take in, is the hypocracy of some so called socialists, you know the 1s, how Cuba is the most revolutionary model in the world but Gadaffi wasn't as he normalised relations with the west, no debate to be had with them, yet Cuba do it and they have reason after reason why they're allowed but Libya were still sellouts"


"well it should be a concern considering the scheming and manipulations by imperialist...after seeing the collapse of the Soviet Union, caused by getting too close to imperialist, the capitalist have also penetrated and is greatly impacting China...and what USA and Israel continues to get away with, what they did to Gaddafi and Libya and Congo..what it is doing to Indigenous peoples of North and Central America...I am very supportive of Cuba and her values and revolutionary principles and know in my heart she will defend Assata as much as she will defend her revolution...but I also know imperialism has its ways of infiltrating and influencing counter-revolution...I am proud of Cuba...but I also know the workings of yankee imperialism too."


"Not only that. All the ultras and liberals haven't bothered to discuss the damage of the embargo but want to somehow say Cuba has sold out because it is moving towards ending the embargo. Can you imagine? Cuba has apparently sold out because it wants to feed its people!!"


"i think it stems from the fact that we (black ameica) are utterrly helpless if they do make a move to try to enslave her. we've seen this story before. we have faith in cuba, in this regard, but we have seen seemingly stronger nations and people fall under the sword of the west."

My reply:

Black America and ALL of Black n Asian communities in the west are helpless in EVERY situation they find themselves in for the most, so why not appreciate and stay loyal to those who had our backs always?? Let alone people shit stirring on behalf of neo-colonialism when they are in a state of utter powerlessness, why not take the message and work of Malcolm X, Panthers, Fanon, Stokely and many others and understand that's its ONLY when we in the west take leadership from and stay loyal to the 'third world'/ GlobalSouth struggle against neo-colonialism that we have ANY chance of growing power on the globe? No, the spoilt children of neo-colonialism would rather sell out.

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