Tuesday, 9 December 2014


10 reasons I welcome the not-guilty verdict for former Egyptian President Hosni Muburak:

1, I do not support Qatari/Aljazeero backed uprisings to overthrow by illegal means an independent government.

2, I do not support neo-colonially backed 'colour revolutions'/Arab Stings that worsen the situation for a country.

3, I do not support political changes that allow for their neighbour (Libya) to be turned into a nato-induced 'failed state' Black and patriot-lynching and raping hell, with the connected tens of thousands of dead and counting. and in so doing unleashing nato terrorism further in Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Syria etc. And if they Egyptian Army collaborated on that nato operation on Libya, it is a shameful episode, one which they seem to be regretting and attempting to push back. Too late perhaps.

4, I do not support the unleashing of sectarian foces that want to violently divide Egyptians society.

5, I do not support the unleashing of political forces that wanted to team up with nato and destroy Syria.

6, Egypt under Muburak and since with the continuation of the main state upholders in the Army etc were despite many strategic compromises and disagreement I may have with them were and are supporters of the AU, big backers of it politically and financially and as such Egypt, esp its Army, remains something the west would like to destroy and are doing so in terms of destroying Syria and also supporting death squads there, esp in Sinai. Egypt was also and continues to be a big supporter of the independence of GlobalSouth countries against nato designs (see them opposing nato's war designs on Socialist Korea at the united nations in the past few days).

7, The Arab Sting in Egypt WORSENED and further complicated Egypt's constructive role in relation to Palestine and its path to Liberation.

8, Muburak was removed cos he wouldnt go along with war on Iran, and that trajectory.policy is now continuous with Egypt supporting the independence of Syria (Iran's main regional ally) against the nato death squad terrorism project.

9, NOTHING ON ANY LEVEL has improved in Egypt since Muburak's departure/the victory of the Arab Sting there, and finally.

10, It's a great f*** you to all the bonkers brigades and death squad supporters. The glorious patriotic Pan-Arab and Pan-African Egyptian Army is marching on you and will crush you little fakes, snakes, fools and tools in the way you slaves to nato deserve.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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