Wednesday, 5 November 2014


When the 'liberation of Libya' came to Cambridge

Libyan death squads  rape, assault and rampage while British state attempts giving them militaty training

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Nov 05 2014

British media is reporting that some 300 Libyans, hand picked by the british military are being sent back to Libya after a multi-million pound military training program with them at a barracks near cambridge saw around a dozen of these Libyans engaging in sexual assaults both on and off military premises including accusations of rape of a man in a local park. Other incidents includes head-butting british military officers and another trainer being threatened by a group of these Libyans.

Here is a run down of the assaults:

"Two Libyan soldiers pleaded guilty to assaulting women in Cambridge. A third refused to plead to similar charges

Two recruits charged with the rape of a man in a Cambridge park

Cadets said to repeatedly slip out of the barracks, visiting shops and pubs

More than £1,000 was spent on alcohol on a single visit to Tesco, said one local

Residents in nearby villages said they felt intimidated and complained of drunkenness and theft, especially of bicycles

A British Army trainer was head-butted by a recruit

Some recruits left after going on ‘strike’. Two more left after allegedly ‘molesting’ cleaners at the barracks

A British corporal was shouted at by 20 of the North Africans after three colleagues were detained for going AWOL

British soldiers had leave cancelled to help police control trainees." (source)

These are not Libyan 'soldiers' as the british mainstream are calling them, as there is no Libyan army but death squads, and hundreds of them that are terrorising Libya. These death squads were incubated and unleashed on Libya during the six month long nato war of aggression in 2011. 

What has happened with these death squads is a microcosm of what nato and its proxies and everyone who cheered on 2011 as a 'humanitarian intervention' or even 'revolution'. If this is what these junior partners of nato and the british state are doing in cambridge, one can imagine the amount of rape, abduction and torture they are engaged in Libya after Libya's relatively model society and country of free housing, education, health (the highest living standards for its population in the entire continent of Africa) and safety of its population.

The fact is that in Libya nearly every postcode has a militia that controls that area, more often than not these militias are engaged in a debased jostling and competition with other militias over money, women and girls and political clout. While the men, women and children who are terrorised, raped and killed by these militias in Libya goes unreported in the western and allied media (now the destruction of Libya, the actual aim of the nato operation in 2011 is complete), the depraved antics and assaults by just a few of these militias in cambridge has been reported in numerous news websites and television news reports. 

These death squads are very similar in modus operandi, ideology and relationship to the west as the death squad known as 'Isis'. If one wants to see the kind of brigandage and rape that the west's allies in the 'Muslim world' are engaged in, one can clearly see what the west and its allies are doing in places like Syria today. Again, Syria before the war it was thrown into by the west and its allies was an island of peace between communities, faiths and sects, and a decent social system which saw to peoples basic needs. 

Luckily for the british public these death squads who were conducting sexual assaults can be returned to Libya, however, unluckily for the people of Libya, similarly for the people of Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and many other places, these western directed, financed and armed death squads continue to proliferate amongst them and continue to conduct their traumatising activities in the interests primarily of the west.

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