Friday, 7 November 2014


A short comment on why western radicalism has become a tool of nato and neo-colonialism

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Fri 07 2014

Up until the 1990s vast sections of radicalism in the 'west' was led by the GlobalSouth revolutions and struggles against colonialism/neo-colonialism and for various forms of socialism. Since the early 1990s radicalism in the west is hostile and directly and indirectly supports neo-colonialism. The reasons as to this change are keys to any chance of rebuilding real opposition to neo-colonalism in the west.

Why has this happened? There has always been a problem of oppositional movements of oppressed communities *within* the west (I am talking mainly about 'white' people), as colonialism and then neo-colonialism sought to by them off to waive off any potential alliance building or taking leadership from the actual Resistance and Revolutions in the world which are in the 'GlobalSouth' or the 'colonies' or the 'third world'.

As the anti-colonial struggle became stronger and stronger, esp with the rise of the USSR and its and allied Asian and African defeat of the greatest neo-colonial killing machine ever known up til then - the axis powers (Italy, Japan, Germany etc), and then the subsequent massive upsurge in independence and socialist countries (esp China, but also India, Algeria, Egypt, Cuba and others).

Further to that, the literally awesome Resistance of the Vietnamese in the 1960s and 1970s with direct support from the Socialist Bloc, esp the USSR but also China, Socialist Korea and others, compounded with the Chinese Cultural Revolution (I am not mad positive about the cultural revolution, but thats another discussion) put much of 'western' radicalism firmly directly or indirectly under the leadership of the 'third world revolutions'.

This continued more or less with the upsurge through the 1970s and 1980s of leadership from the African Revolutions (esp Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola, Namibia and others), also Palestine and also the 'latin' American context (Nicaragua, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador etc).

With the end of the 1980s, we saw the internal sell out and collapse of the Socialist Bloc AS IT EXISTED THEN (cos it hasnt gone away, the Socialist Bloc has MANY continuities with today's ALBA, BRICS, SCO and others. Nonetheless, this collapse totally threw the western left, thre it into deep ideological confusion and sell out. This was also related to the darkest period of the 1990s which also saw the GlobalSouth Liberation Movements suffer from ideological confusion under the combined western states terror both military (Iraq, new world order, post cold war triumphalism etc) and economic (world bank and imf, SAPs, basically a global version of the clearing of the commons which was part of the basis for the english industrial revolution!).

The western radicals have not only not recovered from that, they have entered into a neo-radicalism of the right, not of the left, even though the rhetoric still sounds left. The western left have been unable to appreciate that the on-going struggle against neo-colonialism is fought by revolutionary forces of the GlobalSouth states and regional and global coalitions/alliances of states (aforementioned ALBA, SCO, BRICS, NAM) etc and those allied and led by them and those forces putting (generally non-antagonistic) pressure on them.

In the intervening time we have seen the west step up several gears in its sell-out making industry amongst Brown and Black people within the west, what is most clearly seen as the Obama-isation of neo-colonial politics: using the previous cultural iconography and trinkets of the Global Struggle into the body politic of the non-white / Brown / Black figure, and promoting neo-colonialism through that. Nearly ALL western non-white radicalism is of this nature, but the more obvious manifestations is how a once positive expression of oppressed peoples culture (Hip-Hop) is now THE theme tune to the promotion of neo-colonialism across the planet to our youth.

Furthermore, and connected to the above, is the way neo-colonialism realises that to be able to sell itself and perpetuate itself, this is best done in 'cool' garbs, ie., no one wants to internalise the system if it is sold using the face of murdoch, george soros, the queen, etc, but much more effectively done if Jay Z, Obama, Al Jazeera, and others are fronting neo-colonialism. This is married with the perversion of oppositional protest of yesteryear of our peoples AGAINST neo-colonialism, to the neo-colonial system engendering protests for their own interests against our interests and positions and struggle and countries in order to once again sell counter-revolution as revolution. The Arab Sting being the most obvious and devastating recent manifestation of this.

A new and reconstructed ideological analysis has to be made to re-link, re-unite the western radicalism to its historical basis ad ONLY basis for its radicalism: the continuing GlobalSouth struggle to complete the main tasks of the struggle in the on-going fight to once and for all defeat neo-colonialism, achieve total independence and through that and after that continue on the decolonial strategy to re-building a liberated Humanity and Nature.

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