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Korean Independence and Socialist Resistance

This was the basis of a speech I was going to make at a 'Feminists for Ferguson' event, which I unfortunately couldn't make. It tries very briefly to tie together the genesis of colonialism/neo-colonialism, and tries to weave together the different communities impacted in resisting this system and for our liberation:

Dear sisters (and brothers), my apologies for not being able to make it tonight due to family and other complications.

I hope the event went well, and look forward to hearing feedback and hopefully the event being uploaded onto youtube etc.

My contribution in a nut shell would have been: the neo-colonial order is half a millennia long. 'Modernity'/'the'west'/western capitalism/colonialism or whatever other name one would like to tag onto this globally operating system of oppression which touches and traumatises every human life and the life of nature, had its genesis in europe firstly, wiping out millions of women in a war called the 'witch hunts', a war against them against them as leaders, organisers, healers, transmitters of inter-generational wisdom and class war fighters against the emerging capitalist order which sought to smash the power of women, the remaining power of women since pre-patriarchal society/ This war was conducted against them along with the emerging ruling classes war against the poor and especially the poor peasantry in which these women were comrades with other poor peasants, and at times were leaders of them.

After the genocide against women and the poor peasants, and the connected 'clearances' and attack on the commons, the emerging ruling elites of european oppression then went onto attack the Muslim and Jews of Andalucia, then they went onto to savage Africa and Africans and then the Native peoples of the 'new world' ('Americas') once they defeated the last sultanate in Andalucia in 1491. european colonial oppression conceptualised and used similar means against those who it first tested on women and the poor peasants.

Ever since the first acts of the genocide which gave its bloody birth to the frankenstien's monster which is this oppressive system, all the victims of this emerging oppression fought back. And in so doing, we gained little and bigger victories along the way, such as the Haitian Revolution, independent Maroon communities, and many other slave revolts and revolts of the oppressed.
This process still continues today. We are still on a path of winning total independence and freedom from this system which means the total destruction of this system.

There are processes across the world from the grassroots up, the most dynamic and inspiration model being in 'latin' America whereby our peoples struggles has won many victories and developed in unity with other sections of the GlobalSouth, with full backing on all levels by the BRICS and other forces and countries of Africa and Asia the on-going challenges of total liberation which is at the same time total defeat and burial of the oppressive system.

The attacks on women, Black and Brown people and the poor *within* the west is a statement of blood and torture by our oppressors that we should never unite with our allies across the GlobalSouth where the greatest force against this system is posited. The 'internal colonialism' within the 'west' is a microcosm of that which they do to our peoples across the planet.

The challenge that faces us is to 'unite the many against the few', to try our best with all our faults and flaws as humans produced from within this system, to over come the system, to unite with ALL actually existing forces and develop new strategic forces and analysis to bring down the whole house of cards.

We have many peoples, struggles, organisations, countries in the past and present to inspire us and guide us. With the sum total of our peoples past and present sacrifices and martyrdom in our hearts and minds, we continue to chart a path of wisdom, love and blood against the greatest purveyors of violence on the planet today.

Once we have achieved this great task of Humanity, and in the process of doing, we decolonise ourselves, our relations with each other and nature and the cosmos, and go beyond decolonisation to construct a new world and humanity and nature that is free.

However, the more in crisis the system gets, the more it will lash out and threaten our peoples even more in the 'west' but even more intensely in the Global South.

From Socialist Korea, to ALBA, from Libya to Ferguson, from Tottenham to Timbuktu, we must MOVE together. 'Unite or perish is the message that I cherish'.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcom

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