Saturday, 22 November 2014


'David Icke as the great demobiliser'. been discussing with a few long time comrades about why there is no outrage and mass street protests, campaigns, movements for for justice for the victims of what is clearly a highly organised sexual abuse of young people and children racket conducted by the mi6, senior politicians, celebrities etc.

While there are many factors including the apathy of english politics, another thing cannot be discounted that david ike has been a pole to which 100,000s if not millions have gravitated to, but gravitating to icke is VERY convenient for the elites, as david ike soaks up people (and their money), and helps to keep them demobilised.

I'm not saying icke *should* mobilise people, as I think that would bring its own problems, but I think it is important to consider how much of an important role ppl like david ike and others play in defusing mass anger while using that potential for their own ends. And considering david ike is saying what MANY OTHERS been saying (esp victims to this elite sexual abuse racket, and those that know victims closely), it's interesting that the system has left him alone with a clear field to promote his stuff.

I think he's popular cos his followers for the most part WANT a white saviour from western europe, same reason why alex jones and david duke (! ex kkk leader!!) is so popular. Their sheeple followers are brainwashed by the system against all actually existing liberation ideologies of the GlobalSouth, so go for an utter crack pot.

Basically, its a case of the system promoting ike/jones/duke over someone like The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and others.

As for him outing the stuff in the 1990s, frankly lots of people were doing that, not least the victims, and ike was only someone who developed a career for himself, and the system, apart from ridiculing him at the start in a very media promotional way (should raise some questions, ie., the mainstream media and the tv appearances catapulted him and launched his 'red apron wearing shape shifting lizard people' career).

He is a very important saboteur for the system.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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