Monday, 10 November 2014


Some interesting things coming out of the 'Libyan militias sexual assaults in cambridgeshire barracks' scandal, all of which supports many of our analysis that the brits and the 'west' in general is developing death squads further in Libya after spending decades incubating them and then launching them to destroy Libya in 2011 alongside its 7 month war of aggression. To quote the guardian of tues nov 4th: "But the US reported that many of these [those militias they gave military training to], on returning to Libya, joined militias rather than the army."

So these death squads get trained, and when they not raping people around their training centres, they go back to their own death squads!

Italy has 1,500, the uk was supposed to train 3,000, I couldn't find the amount for the usa. But basically this detail and much of the bigger picture around this 'training' points to the fact that the west are still developing violent division and death squads in Libya formally/overtly, and of course covertly.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcom

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