Monday, 6 October 2014


Angola: UVA Evaluates Historical Aspects of Cuito Cuanavale Battle

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A Russian delegation of Angolan Veteran Association (UVA) Tuesday worked in Cuito Cuanavale, south-east Cuando Cubango province, on historical documentary that portrays the contribution of Russian internationalists to the historic battle waged between 1987-1988 that locality.

Speaking to the Press, the head of delegation, Vadim Sagatchko, said the documentary focuses on the common history between Angola and Russia.

The history highlights the support of the Angolan nationalists to Russian fighters, which, in his view, meant a true demonstration of friendship, brotherhood and fraternity among peoples, regardless of their race.

On the other hand, Vadim Sagatchko explained that the two-day visit to Cuando Cubango was intended to assess local historic aspects and remember the places of former combatants

who fought along with their Russian and Angolan partners against the South African invasion.

According to its chairperson, Russia-based UVA is an international non-governmental organisation whose main objective is collaboration with veteran associations from foreign countries, especially Angola and Cuba.

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