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Intial thoughts on Mozzam Begg's release: british counter-insurgency continues

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
01 Oct 2014

I hear Moazzam Begg is being released today. Will be interesting to see what more comes out of this, but there are many issues which are very plain and need to be repeated and critically discussed. This is briefly my position on this: Moazam Begg and Cage Prisoners support the western financed, armed and backed death squads in Syria. It's no big secret but they support one particular faction (clue: its not Nusra). Moazzam went twice illegally to Syria to Aleppo, the two visits were OKayed by the british intel services (Moazam and Co admit this as part of their own defence!), he went their to hang out with his death squad friends.

Today's news says to me that the british state has obviously decided that Moazzam is more useful to their interests outside than inside a british jail, I think thats a no brainer. Furthermore, 'new evidence' which is not being publicly disclosed has come up: "“New material has recently been disclosed to police and CPS, which has a significant impact on key pieces of evidence that underpinned the prosecution’s case. Our criminal justice system – quite rightly - demands a very high standard of proof.

“I understand this is going to raise many questions. However, explaining what this newly revealed information is would mean discussing other aspects of the case which would be unfair and inappropriate as they are no longer going to be tested in court." (guardian website 01 OCt 2014)

There's obviously a lot of murky relations between the british state and their hot-cold allied death squads, and the problem with these 'judicial processes' is that it potentially blows the lid on some of the covert dynamics that the state does not want to reach the public, ESPECIALLY at a time when they are trying to make out that they are against Isis etc in the current bombing of Iraq and especially Syria.

For example, Abu Hamza, the british media/state manufactured bogey man had a trial hearing in the usa recently in which it was said: "Abu Hamza, the radical Islamic preacher notorious for his hate-filled sermons, was in reality working secretly with British intelligence "to keep the streets of London safe" by "cooling hotheads", his lawyer claimed in a US court." (source)

This panicked the usa and british state, and they are keen to keep the nature and extent of this relationship and COLLUSION (see northern Ireland for the same dynamics between the british state and their loyalist death squads there) as quiet as possible. Furthermore, we see how Abu Qatada, another long time bogey man, has been released by the brits to Jordan so as to lead Jabhan Nusra's and other death squads plans to take over Jordan, which will happen in the not too distant future. Abu Qatada is the 'moderate' side of 'Al Qaeda' we are now being told by the british state and media!

Moazzam is NOT a formal agent of the british state as far as anyone can tell, but one part of a decades long relationship. Moazzam and the Isis and JAN crowd are historically the progeny of british-yankee development of such forces in the 'Muslim world', esp the Gulf monarchies (KSA etc) and Pakistani ISI (Mawdudi and Co) to fight and destroy these countries and others who have potential or actual anti neo-colonial independence, and more recently (since 1980s Afghanistan and in some cases before) to totally collapse societies.

I do think Moazzam has been done wrong by the british state, but more than that I think Moazzam is playing the game for his own political pro-death squad interests, so really he has to help himself against the british state and its neo-colonial policies. Moazzam is directly in support of creating collapsed societies in Libya (he went to hug his comrade the long time Mi6 CIA asset Hakim Belhaj of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) after his allies there destroyed Libya with nato's help, in Syria and Iraq etc. Moazzam is not more important than the many thousands of people that his allies are involved in killing and countries destroyed for the 'west's interests. The must functional and just Moazzam could face seeing he supports an illegal western-backed terrorist campaign in Syria and went there illegally to support them twice with the support of the british state, is to demand Moazzam is handed to the Syrian government for his crimes. Any other suggestion and demand in relation to this mess is allowing the british neo-colonialism to dominate this whole situation.

While there is a british state backed industry which turns every pro-death squad organiser and agitator as a 'human rights' case, there is not one campaign to demand the release of one person from the torture dungeons of these beheading, mutilating, crucifying death squads unleashed in Libya, Syria, Mali, Somalia, and many other places, death squads who are running rampant with all the backing of the western intelligence services and covert military operations. A very sorry state of affairs.

I am not on any special moral high ground, I naively and foolishly supported 'Al Qaeda' for many years, which Moazzam and others can attest to, but when country after country, community after community they destroyed for the benefit primarily of the west, with then openly teaming up with nato in the destruction of Libya, I had enough. One wonders, when will others realise enough is enough and these people and their seniors in the western state's have had enough of a run in destroying everything they touch?

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis. It's made me notice how naive I can be in assessing a 'human rights' case. I've been following Cage prisoners in public events and conferences. Your article sheds a total different perspective. Appreciated. Viviana Lombardi