Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Islamic State: Taking women as sex slaves ‘firmly established’ Islamic law


Islamic State terrorists explained in a new publication their justification for taking women and using them as sex slaves, saying simply that it’s a practice that’s as old as Sharia law — and allowed by Islamic beliefs.

“One should remember that enslaving the families of the kuffar — the infidels — and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah, or Islamic law,” the group said in an online magazine cited by CNN.

Others in the Muslim world have called that practice a perversion of Islam.

Islamic State terrorists wrote about the practice in an article titled “The revival [of] slavery before the Hour,” in reference to Judgment Day, CNN reported. The article was published in the English-language online magazine, “Dabiq,” and specifically referred to the lawful right of jihadists to kidnap females from the Yazidi sect, a Kurdish minority living in Iraq, and use them for concubines or sex slaves.

Human Rights Watch has just reported that Islamic State has committed terrible crimes against the Yazidis in Iraq, citing interviews with 76 displaced people in Dohuk.

“The Islamic State’s litany of horrific crimes against the Yazidis in Iraq only keeps growing,” said Fred Abrahams, special adviser at Human Rights Watch, CNN reported. “We heard shocking stories of forced religious conversions, force marriage, and even sexual assault and slavery — and some of the victims were children.”

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