Sunday, 5 October 2014


If Moazzam Begg's political project was one that liberated our peoples from neo-colonialism, I would support it, AND I would vociferously defend his 'meetings' with mi5(!), as a tactic in the greater scheme of things.

Anyone who knew me from circa 2000-2009 will know I openly supported 'Al Qaeda' factions and strategy etc very foolishly and naively. I advocated, published articles in their defence all over the place, cos I thought however effed up they were they would gradually develop and unite in a more decolonial and anti-imperialist manner. They didnt, they got worse and worse and are destroying whole regions of our Homelands for the benefit of the 'west'.

Moazzam Begg's political project is of the western backed/financed/armed death squads who use and abuse Islam in a VERY crooked/criminal way; it is a project which literally destroys and traumatises EVERYTHING it touches, and THIS is why the mi5 and 'western' states use these fools to deliver the west's and its allies' aims.

There is NOTHING new or any revelations in the 'news' about Moazzam's strategic alliance with mi5, as soon as he went to hug long term cia/mi6 asset Hakim Belhaj in Libya after nato and its proxies (ie., Moazzam's 'brothers') had destroyed the country, after Mozzam Begg went illegally twice to Aleppo to support the death squads, and after Moazzam hosted a violently sectarian crook who pimps Islam for himself ('Sheikh' Arifi from the kingdom of saudi arabia!), it was just too obvious with anyone with an IOTA of political understanding that Moazzam had entered AT LEAST into a informal alliance with the british state's foreign policy.

Those still in denial about this all: Wake up, people. You still hung over on that aljazeera / GCC crack. And the usual abuse, white wash, denials, ignorance and down right stupidity is met by those of us who stated this clearly from the start.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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