Monday, 6 October 2014


Obama has pledged US combat troops to fight ebola. China has sent doctors.

It is incorrect to state that Cuba is the first country to send doctors following this outbreak. The Cuban announcement came some time after the Chinese dispatch.

Moreover, when the outbreak occurred, both western AND local African doctors ran away, leaving Chinese doctors & nurses as the ONLY medical personnel tending to the afflicted people.

China first sent medical teams to Africa in 1963, a practice that has continued without interruption to the present day. There is not a country in Africa, having diplomatic relations with China, that has not had Chinese medical teams, Chinese-built hospitals, etc.

As for accusations of Chinese "kleptocrats", serious scholars like Deborah Braugtingan have shown in some detail that, as so much Chinese aid is project & infrastructure based, there is actually considerably less opportunity to "nick" as compared to the practices of most other aid donors. And, of course, by kleptocrats is meant the leaders of Zimbabwe, Angola, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, etc.

- From a friend of Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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