Thursday, 11 September 2014


Juche is Korean for self reliance or independence, same meaning as 'Shinn Fein'

Socialist Korea / 'North Korea' comes out in support of Scottish Independence: 

Funny how our enemy (this was reported in the telegraph today)  are connecting the global dots of our defacto global alliance against (british) neo-colonialism, and that Russia, China, Korea and others have openly come out in support, whereas many people in england who are giving very belated (better late than never!) support to Scottish Independence are hostile to the very same said biggest fighters against the system and the biggest resistant victims of the said system.

Crazy, cos its not like there's less problematics about Scottish independence than Russia, China etc, and despite whatever conceited colonial-informed/supporting prejudices one might have against the actual global struggle, we should support Scotland, Wales, Russia, China, Syria and everyone developing fighting and resistance capacity against neo-colonialism. I raised this in my experience at a conference on Scottish Independence here.

This is from a the managing editor of a major pro Socialist Korea newspaper in Japan:

"I think that independence would be a very positive thing for Scotland," [...]

"I believe that every person has the right to be a member of an independent nation, to have sovereignty, to live in peace and to enjoy equality," he said. "And I believe that a majority of Scots feel the same and will vote for independence."

"The result will be very important and if the Scots do vote to become independent, then North Korea will be prepared to respond to that," [...]

"I believe independence will be positive as it will encourage personal exchanges and provide both countries with business chances,".

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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