Monday, 29 September 2014


At the event GAZA AND THE PALESTINIAN REVOLUTION yesterday, a little bit of history was made with the living revolutionary legend Leila Khaled speaking after 12 years in this country, since 2002 she has been barred entry into the 'uk'. She spoke via live internet link, and electrified the room with her disciplined revolutionary mind and analysis and charisma. A real honour and privilege to have our Comrade, our Commandante Leila in conversation with us.

There was close to 100 people in the room, and some insightful and righteous contributions including from Sami Ramdani, Brother Omawale, Malia Bouattia, Saeb Shaath, Carlos Martinez, Marcel Cartier, George Shire, Abdal Aziz, Gerry MacLochlainn, Sami Ramadani, Shadia Mansour (live from the West Bank), Fouad Shaat and our brave, courageous comrade Ghada Najjar live from Gaza and sister Louisa Maynard reciting two of Mahmoud Darwish's poems - The Scream and The Embrace. So many brilliant things were said and discussed, the professionally shot and audio recorded youtube clip will be up within a week.

Particularly brilliant was the analysis on the 'usa imperialist made terrorism' (Leila Khaled) that is ravaging the region, and the role of Syria. The Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform that organised the event stress UNITY of all actual GlobalSouth anti neo-colonial forces, and unity of their loyalists in the west, and that was demonstrated at this event, with Pan-African, Libyan, Irish, Zimbabwean, Palestinian, Iraqi revolutionaries standing together as one against a common enemy. This work towards this Unity seldom few are doing in this country, and we urge people to come together to develop this, our only real basic strategical weapon in our struggle. If we cannot take up these tasks, who will? No one. The conceptual analysis of UNITY of all our forces and building that is the hardest thing Humans can pursue in this world dominated by neo-colonialism.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who ensured the event was organised nearly seamlessly,  Many thanks to brother Mohammad Hamza / Intifada Street for the event artwork. While it's a shame that some in london failed to turn up it was great to have seen so many people travel from Bristol, Ireland(!), Brussels(!), Cambridge and Frome (Sheila Coombes) for the event. The Tricontinental is organising further events, details of which are shortly going up. Let's continue to gather in the big tent and pursue our path in contributing humbly to the Liberation of ALL our peoples. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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