Friday, 19 September 2014


Respect to the Scottish Independence Struggle, Sadness at the Defeat; An anti-imperialist reflection

The political spectrum of unionists from left to right, led by the tories indulge in colonial triumphalism and revenge

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Fri 19 Sept 2014

Congratulations to the united campaign who fought and mobilised for Scottish Independence, I share in your sadness and perhaps anger at the victory of the 'No' pro-colonial union result. I have to give primary respect to the SNP and its leadership, especially Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon who have masterfully taken on building a mass party of left nationalism growing strategically closer to China and other sections of world Humanity in the Global South, and developing a left nationalism that that seeks social justice. I have to give respect to the socialists and republican socialists who supported and developed the poorest and most exploited sections on the 'schemes' etc and generally respected the SNP and the SNP respected them.

Like after the Poll Tax 'Riots' victory, like after the 1984/85 Miners Strike, like after the Aug 2011 Uprising/'Riots', there's no avoiding the fact that this is a defeat which will define the next decades if not the next generation. (The Poll Tax was a victory, but produced nothing and radical politics and movements continued to dwindle) This is a victory for neo-colonialism, and one of the most rapacious, vicious and crafty neo-colonialism known to Humanity: the dirty brits.

We will witness and are already seeing a neo-colonial triumphalism that is vengeful and will make the Scots pay for dragging the 'butchers apron' (the union jack) through the mud across the world, and all Black n Asian and working class communities throughout this island will also be punished as it will be the neo-liberal consensus that will trample us all its revenge against Scotland.

It's frankly disgusting that vast swathes of the english radicals, socialists and even supposed anti-imperialists will join in this colonial union smug triumphalism albeit smeared with the excrement of 'united workers' rhetoric and the rest, rhetoric which has been employed in part by colonial unionism to maintain the imperialist status quo.

Where next? The most oppressed sections of Scottish people came out in massive numbers to support a socialist-oriented Independence campaign. The socialists outside of the SNP helped to bring that out, however, unlike the SNP the socialists have failed in building a steady movement/ship towards socialism and anti-imperialism, and instead have been self-defeated and mired in that typical western lefty nonsense of fantasy politics and divisions.

The ideal perhaps would be for the socialists and the SNP and others to develop the defacto United Front strategy that they have been involved in developing in the Yes campaign. That would be the best way to efficiently garner and bring together this new peoples power in Scotland. But that is very unlikely. We will more likely see one or two independent socialists elected to to the Scottish Assembly. The SNP will probably continue to develop support. But something needs to happen now if it is to pick up on the newly enfranchised left nationalists of the youth, Black and Asian and working class communities in Scotland. Scotland could still remain and advance as a centre of opposition to war, privatisation and racism of the london government, but it is on the morning of a historic defeat that in a way the political forces need to work harder to ensure an absolute minimum of potentially massive political demoralisation and demobilisation.

Finally, this defeat requires more analysis and research into just how much the neo-colonial views on the system are internalised by the masses and how the masses are bought off and intimidated by the system. The continued problem of the 'labour aristocracy' those who feel the direct material or conceptual attraction to and loyalty to the crumbs off the neo-colonial looting of the planet and Humanity, deliberate de-industrialisation, expanse of migrant labour, the deepening of cultural imperialist internalisation of porn, misogyny, white supremacy, and the other wonders of coloniality taken on enthusiastically by people on this island. It seems that while the Global South continue on their final phase of struggle to finish off western hegemony and the remainder of the anti-colonial liberation struggle, that the 'west' will continue to see classic end of empire descent into bread (cheap chicken and chips) and circuses (corporate 'festivals', sexual/porn depravity, promoting endless divisions etc) for the masses.

It seems very much the case that while Black and Asian and working class struggles and communities continue to be wiped out and defeated, if there is any future for Resistance within the system here in london and the wider 'west', that it will remain a movement of minorities that itself is a minority movement. It's not about us, and its bigger than Hip-Hop! In the sense that we need to continue to be committed and work harder and more effectively in developing a Resistance of minorities of people who hold onto the loyalty of the actually existing Global South struggle for Pan-'ALBA' American, Pan-African, Pan-Asian and united Global South struggle and a fight for our rights within the (neo)colonial centre.

PS: Very sad to see the loss of Alex Salmond as a Scottish leader. News just through in the last hour is that Scottish National Party (SNP) leader and First Minister of the Scottish Assembly Alex Salmond has resigned. Alex Salmond has been the greatest fighter against the british state and advocate and leader of the downtrodden on this island since Arthur Scargill led the miners in the 1970s and '80s (albeit very different struggles). A great friend of the Global South. Very sorry to see such a witty, combative and sophisticated leader leave the leadership of Scotland. He has contributed a great rich legacy to anyone who would like to observe a skilful pro-people and anti-imperialist leader. 

PPS: Like with Libya, like with Syria, we will NEVER FORGET all those scabs who stood against Scottish Independence. This wasnt some airy fairy joke Scottish thing. This was serious. And your allying with the enemy was a profound and historical sell out. It's all fine waxing eloquent over some foreign policy bullshit which you never have adversely influenced but constantly help, its another thing standing against something we could have won on our own island. You dirty scabs. Hope grannies will spit on your grave, like they spit on the graves of those scabs who sold out the General Strike in 1926.

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