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Our brothers in Libya tortured in Tripoli's zoo

REAL RACIST HUMAN ZOOS & Exhbit B Withdraw the racist Exhibition "Exhibit B - The Human Zoo"

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcom
24 Sept 2014

Congratulations to the campaign for shutting down the art exhibition, which the campaign rightly said degrades Black lives as part of the general strategy of normalising through the 'arts' and film etc the powerlessness and torture porn via Black people.

My sincere apologies to the organisers of that campaign as I had not sensitively navigated with them my concerns about the problems of why this exhibition and not other much bigger manifestations in the world of arts or similar oppressions in real life seem to be relatively ignored. I should have privately reached out to them and explored these issues instead of publicly airing my criticisms without having first checked with them.

Perhaps those who supported that campaign might reflect on the on-going dehumanisation and systematic torture of Black and other people by western governments and their proxies and allies.

When the british, french and yankee state unleashed their blitz against Libya along with their proxies/death squads on the ground since Feb 2011, they unleashed an orgy of killing of all Libyan people who did not go along with that war of aggression. They targeted and gave cover for targeting of darker skin or 'Black' Libyans as Gadafi was the most effective Pan-Africanist of the last generation and he celebrated Nkrumah, Lumumba and others (I saw massive government banners for them in Libya when I was there in 2011).

In this video one can see that our brothers from a Libyan town called Tawergha had been captured by the nato proxy forces and they were punished, they were put in a REAL zoo (used before for animals), they forced Green Flags (flags of the Libyan Jamahiryan government and Revolution) in their mouths and tortured and goaded as 'monkeys'.

The town of Tawergha of 40,000 relatively darker skinned or 'Black' Libyans was wiped out by the pro nato death squads. The people of Tawergha have filed a law suit against the french govt who along with britain, usa and others directly supported, armed and directed these death squads (see here: ). This and other moves for human rights of these and other Libyans deserve our support.


Tens of thousands of Libyans who did not agree with the destruction of Libya in 2011, light skinned, and darker skinned and everyone in between are STILL being held in the zoo in Tripoli and in torture dungeons across Libya (some sources: + PLEASE REMEMBER 'human rights watch', 'amnesty' and others all supported the propaganda campaign as part of the war on Libya in 2011, its part of the neo-colonial human rights hustle that they help to create the mess and then benefit from 'campaigning' against the mess that they helped to create. hrw, amnesty and others all promoted the lies of the 'African mercenaries' and basically EVERY lie from nato to justify the destruction of that country).

This is a situation which is repeated by the SAME alliance of forces across Africa and Asia. france, usa and britain in alliance with the Gulf monarchies and the current Turkish government are developing death squads who are in action and in ideology a 'mini-me' of the 'western' powers, in that they have supremacist, colonial and zionist-type notions that they are God's chosen people and that anyone outside that realm are worthy of torture and death.

The SAME alliance of forces that have done what they have to the Libyan people are doing the same to people who they consider fall outside their supremacist club in Mali, Algeria, Somalia, Nigeria, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other places. People who are secular, Shia, Christian, socialist, nationalists, Sunnis who disagree with the death squads and everyone and anyone are being publicly beheaded, publicly tortured, publicly mutilated, publicly crucified (ACTUALLY crucified) and much more. This is a depraved death squad movement which is DIRECTLY promoted, financed, and armed by the west and its allies in especially the Gulf Monarchies, Turkish govt and the Pakistani military intelligence.

This is directly impacting us in the 'west' and in england as many of our youth are attracted to this 'call of duty' style death squad movement, petty gang members from this country are going off to kill, injure, behead etc all in the service of the 'west' despite the west sometimes stating they oppose the same death squad movements. No, the west are allied and support these movements and intend to confuse and befuddle us by their media and politicians, but the reality is that in Libya, Syria and previously in Kosovo, they were and are in direct open alliance, as well as Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia being primary allies of the west, the SAME countries which are the main supporters of the death squads!

This is a western-backed death squad movement which is impacting white, 'Brown', 'Black' alike, and it really requires us to connect the dots and start a bigger push back against it.

The people of Libya who are still being held in the zoo, in torture dungeons are some of the most forgotten and ignored people on the planet who are direct victims of the british and their allies. I pray and wish we will 'straighten the crooked' and come increasingly to the service of those humans who, due to the theories and physical oppressions of the 'west' and their allies, fall outside the zone of Humanity.

"At the risk of arousing the resentment of my colored brothers, I will say that the black is not a man. There is a zone of nonbeing, an extraordinarily sterile and arid region, an utterly naked declivity where an authentic upheaval can be born" (Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks)

The challenge to us is that we Humanise and struggle with our brothers and sisters to liberate ourselves from this zone of non-being and we can assist in the liberation of our peoples and ourselves.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest fighters for our cause, Malcolm X, his words and leadership ring truer today than ever on this specific issue and our general challenges. I leave you with the call to global unity in the words of Malcolm X:

"You can get into a conversation with a person, and in five minutes tell whether or not that person's scope is broad or whether that person's scope is narrow, whether that person is interested in things going on in his block where he lives or interested in things going on all over the world. Now persons who are narrow-minded, because their knowledge is limited, think that they're affected only by things happening in their block. But when you find a person who has a knowledge of things of the world today, he realizes that what happens in South Vietnam can affect him if he's living on St. Nicholas Avenue, or what's happening in the Congo affects his situation on Eighth Avenue or Seventh Avenue or Lenox Avenue. The person who realizes the effect that things all over the world have right on his block, on his salary, on his reception or lack of reception into society, immediately becomes interested in things international. But if a person's scope is so limited that he thinks things that affect him are only those things that take place across the street or downtown, then he's only interested in things across the street and downtown.

So, one of our greatest desires here at Organization of Afro-American Unity meetings is to try and broaden the scope and even the reading habits of most of our people, who need their scope broadened and their reading habits also broadened today. " - Malcolm X, Jan 1964

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