Wednesday, 17 September 2014


When I first got involved in radical politics when I was 15yrs old in 1994/1995 the world struggle was reeling from historic defeat as a result of the collapse of the Eastern Socialist Bloc which supported and buoyed up the entire Global struggle against neo-colonialism and for socialism by any means necessary. The 'third world' countries independence was in jeopardy under the 'new global enclosures' of economic genocide of imf/world bank 'structural adjustment polices', and the crucifixion of Iraq in 1991 by the 'west' as an example to everyone else as to this is what we expect if we resist the empire. The west were stream rolling on us hard across the planet while relatedly the struggle in the 'west' of radical Brown and Black people (and the white left) collapsed into nearly nothing. Russia and east europe was being re-colonised by the west, nato pummelled Serbia in 1999 making sure Russia would never rise again, China was still relatively focused internally building itself up slowly but surely.

The end of the 1990s saw Chavez come to power, allying with Cuba, China, Africa (esp Gaddafi and Mugabe) etc, and opening up a new historic phase of 'latin' American native, socialist and anti-imperialist regional struggle, Russia re-asserted its dignity with the leadership of Putin, China forged ahead now increasingly uniting with Russia in backing up every corner of our GlobalSouth struggle, the 'washington consensus' of imf/wb SAPs was replaced by the Beijing consensus of respecting independence and state assets of 'third world' countries, 100s of millions of our people have been lifted out of abject poverty in China and 'latin' America (esp Brazil) and after the neo-colonial terror wars (Iraq, Serbia etc) the early and mid 2000s saw strategic victories of the Global South in direct confrontations with the west including Lebanon 2006, Intifada 2000-2003, Georgia 2008, Socialist Korea's nuclear test and continued defiance of empire's war threats, and many other victories.

Despite the ups and downs (esp Arab Sting) the world is a WHOLLY BETTER place than it was when I entered into radical politics. We need to hold on tight to our leadership and peoples, total victory is in sight but achieving it is a very precarious road.

Although nothing humans make is perfect, and never will be, appreciate what you have! Support what we have! Be loyal to what we have! We have nothing else but the alternative of going back again to the neo-colonial barbarism of total western domination. WE WILL WIN, or die trying!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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