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Should be the british also peering out of their trojan horse

London government's dirty tricks in using 'Isis' against Scottish Independence

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
10 Sept 2014

The Scottish referendum on Independence is REALLY intensifying. MoD and london colonial govt ministers are saying Independence would be like a "bomb going off at the Ministry of Defence" (the telegraph, 09 sept), Scottish Nationalist leader and Scottish first minister Alex Salmond infuriates the london colonial govt by saying an Independent Scotland's not gonna help pay of london's debts and has stated “what are they going to do – invade?” (telegraph 09 sept).

The Chinese have chimed in "...its consequence [Scottish independence] may even wield influence upon international geopolitics.

The UK will become the biggest loser if such a scenario transpires. The elite of London have begun to feel panicked due to these potential risks and no longer wear an expression of pride for delivering the fate of Scotland to more than 5 million people through the vote on independence.

The Scottish independence campaign also tells us that established developed countries like the UK are far from stable as we previously imagined." (Global Times)

But then we have this classic piece of british counter-insurgency - 'Isis' / 'Al Qaeda' etc - being used now against Scotland:

"ISLAMIC extremists are threatening to kill Scottish aid worker David Haines to help secure a Yes vote in the independence referendum, an intelligence expert has claimed.
Professor Anthony Glees of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham said: “ISIS are masters of propaganda and realise the impact of selecting a Scot.

“They will hope by showing the UK is weak and unable to defend its citizens it will drive Scots to embrace independence.

“If they can no longer strike hostile forces who attack their citizens, the UK is clearly in danger of being a spent force heading towards division. And a weakened UK is exactly what the ISIS wants.”" (source)

Once again, you can see that the proxies of nato in these death squads of 'Isis' and the rest are also used to sabotage any anti-colonial change on this island. Sounds like london govt is going to use the potential beheading of Haines to then blackmail and oppress the Scots into saying: 'look, these nasty terrorists have beheaded one of your own, so you must stay with us (the uk) to be able to fight these horrible people'. They might even state that an Independent Scotland is going to be some kind of haven for these britist-state terrorists, which would be so ironic as its the brits who been training, directing these guys ever since THEY trained them in the Scottish Highlands in the 1980s!

However, more and more people are realising that its actually the british who have bombed these death squad terrorists to power in Libya, have armed and financed them in Syria against the Syrian govt, and then are using them against Iraq etc, and beyond that people should realise increasingly that the british are united primarily with the very states that are the mainstays and backers of 'Al Qaeda' 'Isis' and the rest, ie., the gulf monarchies and the Pakistani military intelligence ISI. Judging from another report, a sizeable section of Scots know that the london govt's intelligence services are up to their dirty ticks (see here) so its not at all guaranteed that the Scots are gonna fall for this classic british-state terrorist strategy.

People will remember how during the Madrid bombings that the spanish state tried to blame the Basque Country revolutionaries in ETA for that, and the spanish masses turned the tables on the government and put the responsibility on them for playing that dirty and lying trick.

Whatever happens, we are seeing a veritable Revolution in Scotland. All signs are that the Yes campaign is a run away train, and london govt is becoming more desperate, scatter brain publicly, but make no doubt about this, london govt will pull out all it possibly can to sabotage the Scottish Revolution, people should always remember that the british have destroyed whole countries or have tried to (Libya, Syria, attempts at Zimbabwe, dont forget mark thatcher's coup attempts in Africa!) in very recent times for much less than what the Scots are asking for. 

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