Monday, 29 September 2014


Like the lies and media manipulation on Libya Feb 2011, we have a similar media set up which is taking most people onside on the current western bombing of Iraq and Syria. Only this time, unlike when the head choppers were promoted openly by the west in Libya, today they are still promoted but COVERTLY (ie., secretly) while publicly they make out they are against them. "Opposition to UK air strikes in Iraq ... has been dimmed by the scale of Isis atrocities – including the gruesome beheadings of western hostages – that have helped forge a reluctant but unusually large groundswell of support for military action." (guardian sat 27 Sept 2014).

We have no anti-war protests of only a few hundred, and I doubt it will get much better than that as even amongst those few hundred, loads will be rather happy when the this strategy reveals itself for what it is: preparing the ground for the total destruction of the Syrian govt and society a la Libya.

Says anti war leader Lindsey German in the same article: "But our argument is that Isis are at least partly a product of the action we have taken in the past, and the action that is being contemplated will not resolve the problem,".

She means the british govt, but she and the leadership of stop the war also helped to bring these death squads to life as they were championing them as 'freedom fighters' until only some months ago. Lesson is: dont believe lies, dont fall for the 'west's lies and manipulations, and support our Homelands and leadership and masses who been fighting the direct and indirect (terrorism) wars of neo-colonialism. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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