Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Whether Scotland gets Independent or not tomorrow, the fact is that the leading Scottish National Party (SNP) and the wider Independence movement has put Black and Asian organisations in england to utter shame. While Black and Asian radical grassroots and anti-imperialist organisations have been dwindling to nearly nothing in the last several decades in england, we have witnessed on the other hand a serious community level and national level movement led by the SNP at at times complimented by radical socialists expand steadily in Scotland (as well as Ireland, but would am sticking to Scotland here, as Ireland has some different dynamics in addition). Why has Scotland seen a expansive national movement for social rights, national independence and pro Global South politics emerge, whereas Black n Asian orgs in england have been dwindling, decreasing, and depreciating in capacity?

Basically, because the Scottish movement is predicated on UNITY of purpose, UNITY of who they are, and UNITY of will to push for what they want, whereas Black n Asian organisations in england have been DIVIDED by state divide and rule tactics for decades now, DIVIDED in their ability and will to work together and struggle together against a common enemy (the british state), and DIVIDED themselves nearly as a point of radical principle when all along it has been and continues to be the british state that is pushing this division out in a million ways and it has been internalised to a great extent.

An obvious difference and issue to raise in this analysis is that Black and Asians do not have a relatively cohesive 'identity' to that of Scottish people. However, amongst South Asian, and amongst Black people just as with Scots (albeit to a lesser extent in some ways) there are endless divisions and differences, however, this is not necessarily a barrier to unity, where there is a will there is a way, where there is a will to develop unity in diversity of anti neo-colonial and socialist and pro- Global South forces there will be ways and means to unite each other.

The lessons of the Scottish National Movement, the lessons of the Irish National Movement against imperialism should be a hard and fast lesson to what SHOULD have been a similarly vibrant, growing, uniting movement in england amongst Black and Asian people, strugglers, organisations and communities. We have seen the opposite, however some of us are committed to build JUST SUCH a movement in england. If it never happens, some of cannot say we didnt spend our precious time, money, sweat and blood trying to make it happen. SEIZE THE TIME! UNITE AGAINST THE COMMON ENEMY!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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