Wednesday, 10 September 2014


There is no 'multicultural' justification sexual terror in Rotherham, or terrorism against Libya and Syria

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Sept 07 2014

The argument (which I, looking back on it, wrongly used to espouse for years post 911) that young Muslims are alienated by foreign policy and that's why they join depraved sectarian sadistic proxies of the brits ('Al Qaeda', 'Isis' etc) is as good an argument that the South Asian men who sexually abused thousands of white girls with the complicity and collusion of the english police, social services were just victims alienated by oppressed by racism in england. It's the same nonsense and actually *white supremacist racist* argument that argues that a young Black or Brown youth will necessarily start raping and killing his/her peers and/or selling class A to our kids in a 'gang' cos they are oppressed and exploited.

One DOES NOT necessarily follow the other. What MAKES and DIRECTS one following the other is the deliberate intent and actions of the neo-colonial system that for its own strategic reasons CREATES and MANUFACTURES depraved sectarian violence and rape either in the british army, or in 'street gangs' or in british proxies of depraved terrorist raping and looting gangs in Libya, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mali, Iraq etc.

Like the abusers in rotherham, like abusers in 'street gangs' they know very well that their depraved misogyny and terrorism is given cover by the system itself in excusing it, belittling their crimes, turning their crimes into 'human rights' campaigns under the neo-colonial rubrics of 'multiculturalism' and 'diversity' etc, and they concisouly use this and encourage people to develop this staretgy to give cover to their own crimes. THIS is what state multiculturalism was designed to do all along in rotherham, in Libya, in Iraq, Syria etc. (btw, I support the unity of different peoples/cultures, but that must be on the basis of a clear anti-neo-colonial unity united with the actual struggle around the world against this system).

No, an oppressed youth by the system of ours does not equate joining a crazy terrorist outfit or 'street gang' which benefits neo-colonialism. Millions of our youth who are exploited and oppressed do NOT end up like this, but relatively remain committed to their families, try in best in life to build their future generations, work, struggle on a daily level and it they baulk at the thought that they need to chop someone's head off who is not their supremacist version of 'God' chosen people' etc. In another era these same youth would take up membership and activity in the Black Panthers or some other formation of anti-colonial, pro-people socialist liberation struggles, and in different parts of the world INCLUDING in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Mali etc often also take the decision to risk life and often GIVE their lives to fight to defeat this neo-colonial projects of nato and their proxies. But these are the exact same people that are being directly killed, raped and beheaded by nato and their proxies in the 'human rights' industry.

As Sharmine Narwani has correctly stated recently: "Repression does not make you want to go out and slit throats, cut by cut. I don't see Shia, Kurdish or Christian Syrians and Iraqis going 'wild' because they were ill-treated. Nor is this a 'Sunni' behaviour as most Sunni reject the extremism of these groups. These groups have been carefully groomed and directioned to provide an option for western impotence in the Middle East and beyond. They are convenient stooges and foot soldiers for Empire. Anytime West wants to do a resource-grab, they need only to flame the fires of the local 16 extremists and then publicize the hell out of this group (and the one local rampage they went on years ago). Before you know it, their numbers have swollen to 100, and the cycle keeps growing."

Some are using the tricky arguments that any of these abusers sent off by empire directly or indirectly are anything but abusers, and you can't criticise them cos they are victims of the system. Sorry, they are the shock troops of neo-colonialism, either in rotherham or Triploi or Raqqa. The abusers in rotherham who were facilitated by the system to sexually abuse / rape girls, ARE THE SAME dynamic as those young men who are sent off to rape and head chop in Libya, Syria, Iraq etc. What, we gonna start a 'human rights' campaign for the rotherham rapists, like we do for those who support and do the same in Libya and Syria? Maybe, like the accusers in rotherham, I need to go on a 'multiculturalism and diversity' training course to correct my wrong ideas!

Just TOO many people desperately hiding behind anything to cover up their justifications of this depravity. 

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