Thursday, 18 September 2014


Well this is it folks. Our date with destiny. Will we embrace her like a long lost love, or will we walk away in shame and self-loathing?

All it takes is a cross in a box. And then we hold our future in our hands forever. Will we choose today to make our children proud and bequeath them a nation that stood up for it's values and ideals, or will we condemn them to a future of poverty, austerity and endless war, ruled over in perpetuity by people who hold us in contempt, people who worship greed, given power through privilege and theft, who hold selfishness and callousness as the highest virtues?

The world over people have fought, struggled, sacrificed and died to have the chance to make the decision that lays before us. Their ghosts are looking over our shoulders today. The blood of a million martrys and more, from India to Ireland, from Wallace to Connolly, was spilt to give their people, our people, all of us, the freedom to choose their destiny, for their nations to throw off the shame and servitude of colonialism and the humiliation of surrender.

Now we have the chance to take the butchers apron down. The rag that stains our nation, to wash the blood from it, and raise it anew, the Saltire, blue and white, to start again, standing as equals with the nations of the world, a beacon to the world that change can come, that giants can be toppled, that the people united can end Empires. The martrys of generations past beseech us, the people of the world stand behind us.

They have lied to us, cheated us, stolen from, condemned us. Today we can get rid of them forever. Show them that the people are sovereign and we will not be cowed. We will not be feart. We will not be complicit. We will not be shamed. We will be proud. We will be fair. We will be free. Not just for us, not just for our children, but for the whole world.

All it takes is a cross in a box. YES X

- James Stuart

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