Saturday, 20 September 2014


[Yes Craigmillar & Niddrie]

For the last few years the Media had Portrayed the Yes Campaign as nationalistic violent separatists bullies despite the fact all of our parades, rallies and marches have been peaceful.

but we all know who the Real nationalistic violent bullies and thugs are and the mainstream media won't even do a full report on the Unionists rioting in Glasgow even though there are photos and videos circulating of Brutal Violence, Intimidation even Nazi salutes but it won't get any major airtime unless someone throws an egg.

The experience of someone who was in George Square tonight ...

"just in from glasgow...never ever in my life have witnessed anything like mode till bout 5ish..then the mob with union jacks turned up...then all hell breaks lose..kettled in the middle of baying their weans on their shoulders in the middle of near riots.....shouting to us in the kettle ..bunch of fenian catholic bastards..there will be another famine.use will all die tonight...ramming their kids pushchair into police to get through to us in middle of loads of videos and pics..thought while im kettled may as well take pics...two cameras..batteries run oot..raging cos next thing..KKK hoods on and doing nazi salutes...burning saltires..had free reign to do what they wanted apart from getting to really kill us...police were sleeping to start with..listening to one of the union mob on the fone arranging what streets they were going to next..getting threatened to not open our mouths or else...we went to a pub for locked for two hours..police going through the whole pub to check they hadny got in..all pubs and restuarants in lockdown...standing watching them oot the window..folk couldny get to their buses..we thought we were going to be stranded in glasgow.......then just as walking up to bus station someone had just got stabbed...didny see it thankfully....but news spreads fast..and if anyone ever says to me that the yes campaign was anti English..dont even go of the most shocking Anto Scottish discrimination and violence situations iv ever been in..and im hurt we didny get our vote..but id rather be a yes and lost for the now..than be that British..cos if thats a sign of whats is britain and whats coming may God help us all..."

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