Wednesday, 27 August 2014


4min interview on subject of 'Isis' yesterday on RT. It's got a lot of hits already, and judging from the comments, looks like a lot of the western white supremacists (and their cross over into circles such as alex jones, david yikes, etc) are very unhappy with what I said, cos while they kind of dont like some of the west, they are actually much more hostile to the actual Global South Resistance.

I was cut off in the interview, when I wanted to say: as for 'Isis' encouraging children to conduct depraved acts, this is also a continuation of the mainstream western culture, as that same culture promotes a situation whereby millions of children from the age of babies are killing people on console games, so the head chopping etc is not at all out of sync with western culture.

The other thing I wanted to say where I was cut off, was that there are two things I suggest we do to counter this empire-managed terrorism problem: 1, as I say in the interview, support the actually existing viable and functional counter-terrorist approaches of those fighting this empire-managed terrorism, which is Moscow, Beijing, Algiers, Damascus and many others, and 2, to fight the ideological struggle in defeating this phenomenon, because its depraved IDEOLOGY which is taking young people from britain etc to conduct empire's dirty work in Syria, Iraq etc. And its the actually existing ideological resistance to this which has been pummelled decade after decade in the region by the pillars of this depravity in london, washington and their allies in the Gulf Monarchies and Pakistani ISI.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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