Wednesday, 27 August 2014


During the last round of zionist aggression in Gaza, and Palestinian Resistance, the amount of bile, lies, and hatred mounted on the Egyptian govt has been evident of a deeply ignorant mindset. Also, it lost sight of the one central danger, the prospect of Gaza entering strategically into the nato fold, through Turkey and Qatar's attempts at colonising Gaza.

In actual fact that Egyptians proposal to end the aggression on the first day of the outbreak, ie., an unconditional ceasefire pending negotiations of concrete issues is basically what has now been accepted. While I respect and support the collective Palestinian Resistance, the facts also have to be stated that it has achieved nothing strategically from the last 52 days or so. Yes, the Resistance is still standing despite the intense aggression, but to exhaust the Resistance and the people who back it up should have some more concrete aims:

"Hamas, the militant Islamist faction that dominates Gaza, declared victory even though it had abandoned most of its demands, ultimately accepting an Egyptian-brokered deal that differs little from one proffered on the battle’s seventh day. In effect, the deal put both sides back where they were at the end of eight days of fighting in 2012, with terms that called for easing but not lifting Israeli restrictions on travel, trade and fishing in Gaza." (ny times, aug 26)

A basic human respect and solidarity with Gaza means respecting life of Palestinians there, and not using them as point-scoring theatre. The Egyptians were right all along, and its the Egyptians proposals working ALONGSIDE the Palestinian Resistance's representatives to the negotiations which has won out.

The Palestinian Revolution cannot advance without building Resistance capacity and unity with its main allies in the region, which is the Syrian govt, Hizbullah, Iran, Egypt and Algeria.

Yes, the Egyptians did not open Rafah during all this madness, this has to be put into context of Egypt's own terrorism problem (managed and goaded on by the 'west') whereby Hamas and others have been supporting terrorism in Egypt. This is unsurprising, as Hamas and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are basically two branches of the same organisation, and also Hamas were caught by Hizbullah fighting for the death squads in Syria last year.

Egypt supports extention to the sea border in Gaza, reconstruction of the Gaza airport destroyed way back in circa 2002, and is demanding an opening of Rafah (ie., lifting the siege). with an internationally recognised Palestinian authority, which would include Hamas and Fatah, there were moves towards this just before all this madness, and those parties who precipitated this with their killing of the three settler boys hold not a small amount of responsibility in scuppering that development and the subsequent horrific nightmare Gaza has experienced.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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