Wednesday, 30 July 2014


The west's war on China and Russia wont happen in a few decades, its here already

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
30 july 2014

Time for some self criticism / self reflection. I used to think that the neo-colonials/imperialists/'west' will go to direct and open war on Russia and China as the last on a list of Global South countries to war on, that the enemy would first go through and neutralise Global South counties Libya-Somalia-Afghanistan-Iraq-Syria-style, and THEN go on to China and Russia. I an no longer that this is the case.

It's clear to all that the 'west' has no more than 30yrs tops to close the gap with the leadership of the Global South (China and Russia) before the latter develop their industry and military to be some kind of conventional match with the enemy.

However, I was rather foolish to think that the enemy will be waiting for a couple of decades and allow Russia and China to develop their military, and I was perhaps foolish to think they would only try and knock out the smaller and weaker countries and links in the Global South chain. Why on earth would the enemy give Russia and China decades to prepare a defensive war with the enemy?! I dont think the west are allowing that.

No, I think the war has been called out against Russia and China by the enemy NOW, not at some future date, but the war is HERE. How? The "picot to Asia" in the words of obama and clinton is a WAR STRATEGY. It is encouraging any East Asian country to go to WAR with China over disputes over islands that could otherwise be resolved through talking. On Russia the conflict in Ukraine is an OPEN WAR declaration by the enemy.

The Global South is building its united capacity on all fronts, but its at a (sometimes literally) crushingly slow pace, Chavez and Gadafi were two leaders we had who stood out precisely because they worked day and night and frantically to develop our unity and MILITARY UNITY. They made their historic contribution, but much more needs to be done.

Fact is, that our side need to find the victories, search out the victories, get into the fight and counter the war that is being rolled out against them/us. But that's "their stuff". OUR role especially in the 'west' is to develop a anti-war movement or anti-imperialist war movement that can develop this kind of understanding and mobilise around it. We are not and instead we have anti-war movements in the west including in england who are ANTI-China, ANTI-Russia and who celebrated the lynching of Gadafi/Libya and they would love to see a similar lynching of Assad/Syria.

There are tiny signs of opposition in england, like that of Russell Brand, Mark McGowan, Frankie Boyle but these formations tend to neutralise themselves as they are defacto and not because of their own intentions in the white supremacist and neo-colonial circles (albeit those circles which dont like some of the things the west does) like ukip/farage, alex jones, david yikes, ron paul etc (see the comments under Russell's youtube videos etc to as evidence). What I am saying is that there is a eurocentric neo-colonial oriented 'opposition' growing that has hegemonised most 'opposition'. This is also reflected in supposed radical circles in the sense so many are just putting their heads in the sand in regards to the Global situation, there are basically no moves to unite peoples, and leaving the field clear for the enemy to develop war everywhere.

Many of us were and still are waiting for the great leap forward in the Global struggle, whereby revolutionary leaderships will take the tasks in hand and mobilise and inspires and educate our peoples to fight the enemy and win liberation. You know what? We HAD that! And that was in the period circa 1999-2010 with especially Chavez and Gadafi taking that leadership in alliance with the rest of the Global South. There was also Yasser Arafat and others who should never be forgotten.

We are now waiting for the next big Global South surge. No sign of it yet, and it its coming is not an inevitability. But history changes and moves within weeks and months that would otherwise take decades and generations to shift. In the meantime, we need to develop ourselves, unite ourselves, develop our analysis and in general up our game. But I see nearly none of that happening. What is going on is classic end of empire stuff: people doing ANYTHING but facing the reality.


Anonymous said...

south needs a new strategy and need to get ahead and spur the next movement and shake things up too. If that's what people need in order to unite and do the things necessary to recognise the real enemy then those who realise it need to remember that just how some are manipulated and fooled into supporting the eurocentric western mindsets, they can be lead or spurred into the opposite. And it needs to happen yesterday... how? f*k knows. Chavez had this all figured out, he realised the deficiencies of collectively powerful individuals.
Hope you're well Sukant

Sukant Chandan said...

Agree, Luisse. Thanks, am well. all the best to you and yours