Friday, 11 July 2014


british govt announce statue of Gandhi in parliament square to try and mollycoddle Indian PM Narendra Modi (they and the entire 'west' desperately trying to promote their central foreign policy strategy in turning India against China, and India to sell its remaining subsidies etc to the west). But this makes no sense when one understands Gandhi's assassins were the RSS members, the mother party of Modi. If osborne hague & Co really wanted to appease Modi, they should have Savarkar's statue instead who lived in london and is the father figure of RSS/Hindu Maha Sabha/Jan Sangh/BJP. He was arrested in 1910 for his connections with India House in london, a militant Indian nationalist group and institution of different strands in the liberation movement. He coined the term 'Hindutava'. He was one of those accused in the assassination of Gandhi. Furthermore, there's little doubt in my mind that the brits would have been more favorable to the RSS than Gandhi due to the former's much more sectarian politics than Gandhi's.

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