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The region's destroyers are not the saviours of Palestine

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
19 july 2014

While as predicted, the enemy suffered two losses of its troops in today's provocations against Gaza, lets re-visit for a moment the issue of the ceasefire: Not even a week into the vicious white settler colonial attack on Gaza by 'israel', Egypt had come with a ceasefire plan that included immediate cessation of all hostilities, and high level talks between the Hamas, Fatah etc and the enemy on the other hand. This was dismissed by Hamas, why?
Hamas demanded a whole bunch of demands instead, demands which had never been won by the Palestinian War of National Liberation for over 40yrs, and, in a state of the utter strategic decline of the power of the Palestinian Resistance, these demands were and are not in any way going to be met now while Palestine's main regional allies are under attack or have been neutralised (Libya, Syria and Lebanese Hizbullah fore-mostly).
THE KEY to understanding what on earth is going on, and to unlock the means of understanding all this, is to NOT look at Egypt and obsessively, foolishly and in a utterly self-defeating manner denounce it, but to look at a strategic enemy in the region. And that enemy is Turkey, Qatar and its coordination with nato and YES WITH 'isRAEL'!
I totally appreciate Egypt should be doing more, much more to assist Gaza, but there are also other rather major considerations beyond the really tragic situation that Egypt's attitude towards Gaza, Gaza is entwined with Egypt's mission to bring any actual or potential power of the Muslim Brotherhood to an end internally in Egypt.
The bottom line which seems to be escaping nearly everyone who are, it seems, more busy turning our dear martyred blown up babies of Gaza into mainstream war porn snuff when they not obsessing over denouncing Egypt, is that TURKEY AND QATAR (which is directly with and promoting nato interests through war in Libya and Syria etc) WANT TO REPLACE EGYPT AS THE MAIN BROKERS BETWEEN PALESTINE and the zionist enemy, a role that Egypt has always and continues to enjoy. Lots of headlines pointing to this including "Turkey spars with Egypt over failed Gaza cease-fire bid", in 'Today's Zaman' newspaper from July 18. THIS AND THIS ALONE is the reason why TURKEY AN QATAR HAVE DICTATED TO Hamas not to accept the ceasefire, Turkey and Qatar are dragging this out. Why?
This is all part of the plan to remove Egypt as part of ANY and ALL strategic bulwarks against total western and zionist control, hence the Muslim Brotherhood thought they could do to Egypt what they have done to Libya and Syria. THAT project was stopped. However, moves to destroy Egypt's role in the region continues, and like before, the main means to achieve this is the old empire network going back to at least the 1950s of: nato, the GCC (gulf monarchies), Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood nay Sell-out Hood, of which the latter's manifestation in Palestine is Hamas. However, unlike Turkey and Qatar, Hamas have one foot in the Resistance whose unity should always be supported, a unity which includes Fatah, PFLP, DFLP, ALF, PRCs PIJ and others.
Furthermore, Qatar and Turkey, goaded on by nato (ie., the 'west') are dragging the massacre of Gaza out as long as possible, as they want to then appear like the saviours of Palestine, cuss out Egypt, cheap meaningless words against israel (while they bomb Syria together, and connected to that are at war with the Resistance Axis!), and then step in to 'save the day'. Obvious, cheap, disgusting moves.
The really sad thing is right now, that a lot of my comrades and colleagues who are usually consistently anti-imperialists are on this issue often taking the EXACT same line as the destroyers of the region ie., Turkey and Qatar. Here's President Erdogan: "Egypt itself is an oppressor”, and "Erdoğan also claimed that Israel wants to give legitimacy to the Egyptian government by allowing it to get involved in cease-fire efforts because, he said, the Egyptian government that came to power as a result of a military coup has no legitimacy."
That sounds worryingly like a lot of good comrades right now, echoing one of our chief regional enemies.
I know what's coming and would like to pre-empt if I could people jumping back at me and telling me how much of a zionist and yankee puppet Sisi is etc etc ad nauseum. I get that. And yes, Sisi prompted by the Egyptian masses cut out the Sell-out Hood from Egyptian body politic, stopped Egypt going to war against Syria, and is now embroiled in a schism with Hamas in Gaza. But I would REALLY like to remind people that it WAS Egypt that had and has given the only viable ceasefire offer right at the start of this week, can people PLEASE not see that while apart from removing Egypt from warring on Syria etc, and that while anything 'good' from Sisi has to be seen and there is no guarantee of that, that nevertheless, getting Turkey and Qatar to replace Egypt is another disaster in the long litany of disasters strategically for the people of the region and the entire Global South since 2010.
I know the enemy (through former mi6 director richard dearlove, and Obama's 'pivot to Asia'., ie., mainly China and North Korea) shows very clearly that the enemy is content with the way things are going in the 'middle east, North African' region, but do we really have to blind ourselves and feed into that process time and time and time again?
I would suggest that the demands and understanding going forward should be in the very immediate interests of the anti-zionist and anti-imperialist struggle is a total strategic and a formalised popular civil (ie., not just military) unity between Palestinian Factions themselves especially in Gaza, the Palestinian Revolution and Lebanese Hizbullah, Syria, Iran, Algeria and Egypt, and most importantly a total and priority level campaigning and advocacy of TOTAL REFUSAL of Turkey and Qatar to replace Egypt as brokers between the enemy and Palestine etc. For the good of our Struggle, Turkey and Qatar ARE the enemy along with israel, arent they BOTH bombing Syria together?! Are we really so naive to think that there isnt FORMAL coordination between nato, Turkey and GCC in destroying Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Algeria etc!

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D_Renwick said...

I accept the point you make that the geo-political shift in the region will favour Turkey and Qatar’s diplomatic power. The possibility of both parties being granted nominal leadership of the Palestinian struggle is real and I agree that this must be problematized. However, this needs to be looked at in a more forensic manner than my knowledge depth alone allows.

The problem I have with the political position you advocate is that Egypt’s role of diplomatic leadership is somehow sacred. Egypt’s leadership role came as a consequence of Nasser’s rule. Nasser, like many in the military leadership in 1948, were ashamed by their country’s conduct and strategy. The disaster and the need to overcome it evidently weighed upon Nasser. It led him to three open conflicts with Israel, all of which were lost, which does not diminish their importance, but is vital in the history of the Palestinian revolution, as you well know.

Since Sadat, Egypt has accepted Israel’s permanent existence. It granted legitimacy, being the first Arab state to do so and opened the channels that you problematize. One could argue, quite legitimately, that Egypt’s role since the peace accords has been in lock-step with imperialism and empire in the region. Al-Sisi’s attitude towards the Rafah border and Sinai are enough to illustrate a continued co-ordination DIRECTLY with Israel. Not only this, but Sisi’s attack on Hamas (with support from Israel is something that your analysis does not take consideration of.

Sisi does not just exist in a lineage of SCAF leaders who have acquiesced and coordinated with imperialism, he takes a significant position in the way that the region is going to be shaped. Take his friendship with Dahlan for example

Alternatively, the fact that “since the army intervention, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E. and Kuwait have pledged about $15 billion in aid”

Framing the issue is an easy thing to do. Unpicking the web of control is far harder and does not need to simplified. I do not advocate the diminishing of Egypt’s power. It remains the most populous Arab state, with a politically active society that potentially holds the key to change in the region.

But, arguing that Egypt hold this position in virtue of Nasserist history or because of the unholy alliances of Hamas is problematic, for the direct, willful and overt co-ordination between Egypt’s political class, as it stands, and Zionism is mainstream knowledge.

In problematizing the Muslim Brotherhood to the extent that many currently are doing puts a fog in the air. A fog, that beneath, the Saudis are operating. What, I ask you, have the Saudis and Egyptian elite got that unites them? I express one thing: it is not a desire to liberate Palestine.

The ceasefire proposal, the one that had the fingerprints of Blair, Netanyahu and the State Department on, offered nothing but an end to the immediate conflict. An end, that as I said the other day, maintains a status quo that will lead to genocidal conditions within Gaza by 2020, when, in many ways, such a condition already exists. Hamas could not have accepted it. That was the play and it was executed in such a way as to allow Israel to paint Hamas as the belligerents.

I see a different chain of events: a chain where the PA are forced to abandon their ties to Hamas. The desire and political will exists for a co-ordinated operation in Gaza to remove Hamas from power, to outlaw them and to re-instate Dahlan, all backed up by the securitized Dayton-esque army, supported materially by the US and its allies.

We paint our pictures and read what we read. I don’t encourage you to abandon your threads and concerns. Vigilance is needed all round.