Wednesday, 16 July 2014


5 points on the Egyptian ceasefire proposal: I am sure I am not quite right on some things and wrong on others, so wanna push this out for discussion: I don't quite understand why people are hostile to the Egyptian ceasefire when:

1. This most important points are these: the criticism that the Egyptian ceasefire deal leaves the situation as it is and does not free prisoners arrested after the killing of the three settler children, and does not allow the right of rockets being fired from Gaza by the Resistance.

The brutal fact is as long as the Resistance, and especially Fatah and Hamas, are not allied strategically to the main and defacto Liberation forces of the region (Iran, Baathist Syria, Lebanese Hizbullah, FLN Algeria), they are not going to move forward strategically like when they were until 2008/2009 when the Arab Sting sabtoaged it and emboldened Palestine and the region's people's enemies, ie., forces conducive to and mobilised by london, washington, paris and its regional allies the Gulf Monarchies and Turkey and the white colonial settler state.

No amount of rockets of the kind we have from Gaza is going to be THE strategic hand to deliver some kind of victorious end to this battle. YES, the Resistance will have a small victory of sorts if israel fails to finds and destroys the organisational ability to launch them (which they will fail in so doing), but unless there is: Unity between Hamas and Fatah, unless there is unity with the Resistance and the regional struggle (allied as it is with the wider Global South), unless the Resistance JOINS IN fully with defending the Syrian govt and allies, and defends Hizbullah and Iran, there's gonna be no strategic forward movement for the Palestinian struggle.

If you balk at this, look at recent history, the Palestinian Revolution was on a upward trajectory from the late 1960s until circa 2009, BECAUSE it was generally involved with the regional struggle for liberation.

2. We want the bombardment of Gaza to stop immediately, this ceasefire facilitates that.

3. Egypt has more ability to deliver a ceasefire strategy than does the UN sec council, as the sec council STILL reflects the situation on the planet ie., hegemony of the 'west' in the world, ie., our side in the Global South cannot do anything we want unilaterally without war response from the enemy.

4. Egypt has ALWAYS played the main mediating role in regards to Gaza and Palestine, which is accepted by all Palestinian factions.

5. If people are bemoaning a serious ceasefire offer from Egypt, let ANYONE else from the region propose a better ceasefire offer. Anyone think Turkey and Qatar (to whom Hamas are allied currently more than anyone else) are gonna offer anything better? No, they too busy having destroyed Libya with nato and destroying Syria in preparation for destroying Lebanon, Iran and Algeria.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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