Friday, 11 July 2014


I disagree with chomsky A LOT, not least his foolish support for the nato no fly zone / blitz of Libya, however, he is right when he says: "In South Africa, "the white nationalists needed the black population: it was the country’s workforce, and as grotesque as the bantustans were, the nationalist government devoted resources to sustaining and seeking international recognition for them. In sharp contrast, Israel wants to rid itself of the Palestinian burden," he explains his stance. "The road ahead is not toward South Africa, as commonly alleged, but toward something much worse.""

I think he is right, Palestine has been knocked off the agenda due to the Arab Sting, the Resistance is of nearly no concern to the west strategically. As I keep saying, the 'west' and israel are planning on a final solution to Palestine, and the Arab Sting is an integral part of that: the plan is to occupy or "annex" the West bank and do a mass transfer of Palestinians into Jordan and perhaps pro-west rebel held areas in Syria. The annexation strategy is again mainstream amongst israelis, with one opinion piece in the ny times a few days ago stating: "Why then has annexation suddenly become politically kosher?" The Muslim Brotherhood and the related death squads ('AlQaeda') in Jordan will be utilised to achieve this goal, hence the brits sending back their man Abu Qatada to Jordan to help int his project. israel seeks to free itself from the West Bank burden of Palestinians, and they were hoping a MB/'AlQaeda' Egypt would do the same in Gaza, General nay President Sisi and the Egyptian people foiled that part of the plan, for the time being at least.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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