Friday, 11 July 2014


Arab Sting sabotaged Palestinian cause

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

A few thoughts on the situation in Palestine what with the three colonial settler boys being killed and the variable ramifications of which: I would love a New Intifada which united the people of Palestine with the anti-imperialist countries, movements and peoples of the region and the world. However, considering the region is struggling to hold the line (Egypt and Syria with support from Iran, Hizb and Brics + North Korea and few others have saved th region to imploding that much quicker) against imperialist plans to divide and destroy, a new possible round of Intifada and zionist colonial military repression brings new and dangerous potentials against the interests of the Palestinians.

The 'west' and israel know that since late 2010 (ie., start of the Arab Sting) that an open battle between Palestine and the colonialists would have derailed the Arab Sting, meaning the overthrow of govts that were brought about by struggle against colonialism would stop, and the real enemies of the region's peoples would be exposed. Basically put, people would unite FOR their common interests AGAINST their common enemies, instead of the Arab Sting agenda which is an un-ending divisions of our peoples for the benefit of the enemy.

Considering, it seems unlikely that israel would do what they did at the start of the Second/Al-Aqsa Intifada in late 2000 which was a massive military occupation and orgy of colonial killing of Palestinians. However, unlike 2000 we have a much lowered and downgraded situation in Syria, Egypt and frankly its kinda obvious Jordan will get the Arab Sting poison imminently.

A new intense round of Resistance and occupation crimes would most likely INCREASE strategic strength of our enemies, NOT of the Palestinians. The only way the Palestinians would benefit benefit from a New Intifada is if that Intifada is tagged to Iran, Hizbullah, Syria and Egypt, with these countries working together with the New Intifada. This looks unlikely considering the political situation. And even during the Second/Al-Aqsa Intifada, there was no clear regional leadership, but an unofficial one whereby Iran was defacto in the leadership of it. I remember going to Tehran for a conference in 2007 on Palestine, and the atmosphere was of confidence and unity with PFLP (Leila Khaled was there), Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Shehada was there), Hamas (their leaders were there), etc. That is no longer the case.

A New Intifada with the bonkers brigades on the borders in Syria and Jordan and the covert machinations of the west and israel could mean an utter new Nakba for Palestine. I think its very clear that the west and israel are successfully orienting reality towards a final solution for Palestine. israel is still way too useful for imperialism to let go in any way, shape or form. Indeed, israel is quite comfy and happy with the bonkers brigade in Syria, even giving them free medical assistance in israeli hospitals.

My concern is that israel and the west will use a massive upsurge in violence in Palestine to use that crisis to hand over the whole West Bank Palestinian population over to a bonkers brigade directed Jordan with help from the death squads in Syria, Iraq, and, the west wished so, in Sinai Egypt.

I sincerely wish I am totally wrong about this, and any new possible eruption in Palestine starts to "straighten th crooked", that any New Intifada allies strategically with Baathist Syria, Leb Hizbullah, IRI, Algeria and Egypt, and in so doing we foil the plans of our enemy. I sincerely wish and pray I am wrong and such a situation isn't just the opportunity for israel and the west to remove Palestine as an issue forever, isn't Palestine already neutralised as a strategic issue cos of the Arab Sting? Tragically, yes. Iran is the big war prize in the region, Palestine needs to be neutralised before that, so does Hizbullah, but frankly, the west will fight Iran and Hizbullah to the last israeli. Whatever the case, cool, loyal and absolutely real politik strategic minds are required to make our deconial/anti-imperialist ethics and agenda a reality.

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People in Palestine: Please Wake up!!!. Please aligned your principle with other nation regarding seeking of peace if you truly value life.