Friday, 11 July 2014


Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Many of us rightly want the end of the white colonial settler state of 'israel', imperialism's attack dog in the region, and victory for Palestinian Liberation. However, real 'solidarity' must mean people developing understanding as to the history, presence and future realities and possibilities for this.

What is the PLO, the PFLP, DFLP, PFLP-GC, Saika, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Communist Party, Hamas etc? Who are George Habash, Ghassan Kanafani, Wadi Haddad, Leila Khaled, Yasser Arafat etc. How did the Palestinian struggle come about, what led it to achieving greater heights of strategic successes?

Who backed the Palestinian Resistance? Gave it facilities to train, supplies, safe haven etc? It was and is the Syrian Baath government, and also Lebanese Hizbullah and Iran give massive assistance, as well as the Egyptian military and former President Muburak facilitating weapons to Gaza from Sudan through Egypt to Gaza. Also of other countries like Algeria and the former Libyan Jamahirya ad Baathis Iraq who held/hold firm anti-zionist, anti-imperialist positions.

Instead we have people playing up death squads who have and continue to war upon exactly these Resistance positions of ours. How so? They claim those who divide and destroy the region are somewhow assisting Palestine! Its utterly bonkers, but true!

Then you have our peoples who lose all sense and are totally dominated by emotionalism. Don't get me wrong, emotion which feeds a desire and moves to understand and improve one's knowledge and analysis is good. But what we see are people begging the west and using the dead and shredded bodies of our Palestinian people in a self-defeating attempt at begging the west and westerners. The west and westerns don't care and they never cared. And in so doing throwing pictures of our dead around we contribute to the dehumanising of the Palestinian people, showing our dead has done nothing and never did anything to 'move' the west, then we are just normalising that our people get killed in this way.

Malcolm X always asked us that our faith tells us to be intelligent. This requires going much deeper, as this is not a game of fools, this is deadly serious stuff, oppression organised in such a sophisticated and complex manner that it requires a lot more than the sorry state of anti-Palestine dynamics parading as pro-Palestine stuff.

Towards sending israel, the little version of the entire west, to the cemetery. For the successes of all forces which lead to building towards anti-imperialist regional and Palestinian Liberation!

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