Friday, 11 July 2014


There are some who play up some factions in Gaza who send a few fireworks towards israel, when their main role is to develop violent divisions and trauma as can be seen in the article below, and also strategically devastate the communities and countries they impact at the service of the 'west' and Saudi Arabia amongst other interests.  - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


GAZA CITY — Islamists were believed to have resumed their bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip.

On April 2, a supermarket in the Gaza refugee camp of Jabalia was rocked by an explosion. Palestinian sources said a bomb was planted in the supermarket by what was believed to have been Islamists inspired by or aligned with Al Qaida.

“It appears to be part of a renewed campaign to uphold Salafist morals,” a source, referring to Al Qaida doctrine, said.

The bombing was the first in 2013 attributed to Islamists in the Gaza Strip.

For several years, so-called Salafists, many of them linked to AlQaida, targeted beauty salons,
  music shops and Internet cafes as part of a campaign against Western influence.

The sources said the supermarket in Jabalia was heavily damaged but nobody was injured. They said Hamas police arrived at the scene and began an investigation.

On late April 2, a Salafist militia claimed responsibility for the firing of rockets into Israel.
The Mujahadeen Shura Council, which also operates in neighboring Egypt, said it fired two rockets into southern Israel.

On April 3, another round of rockets was fired into Israel.

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