Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Th West and Iran: Western Media Plays on the Superficial to Confuse

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Superficially on the surface it looks as if the yanks and brits are working together with the Iranian government in light of recent events in Iraq, however, what may seem to be the case is not. The 'west' is still on a path of war against Iran (as they are against the entire Global South), and it is only because of the following that they are extending their devilish hands to the Iranians:

1, The west's plan for Syria in using their proxy death squads is failing,

2, Iranians are still pursuing their right to peaceful nuclear use, which will smash the zionist monopolisation of nukes in the region, which means an end to a major zionist-gulf domination of the region for the west

On the issue of Iraq, the Iranians know very well that the Isis death squads in Iraq are western death squads by proxy through the Gulf.

Not all the Sunni people of Anbar etc in Iraq are with the death squads, they are many who are with the Baath (JTRN), but they too are violently hostile to Iran. While ideally it would be great if the Iraqi Baath and the Iranians would find common ground (they BOTH support the Syrian Baath-led Resistance to the western proxy death squads), right now on in the foreseeable future, this is not likely. I have laid out my analysis and basis for viable concrete strategic unity in my article written yesterday; "Is Another 'Muslim world' Possible?".

The western position on Iraq and in relation to Iran stays constant in their war on terror strategies, its a mafia style protection racket which puts us into violence and then they come and demand protection money while threatening and directing more violence our way.

The western media is playing up the current brit/yank-Iranian talks as some kind of strategic unity. Its not. But presenting it as such is doing a service to the death squads who are making out that the 'Safavid Persians are in bed with the west'. What nonsense. However, for us to minimise the sectarian fall out from Iraq (I made clear some of the massive differences between Iraq and Syria, whereby Syria is much less of a sectarian conflict than is Iraq), Iran needs to develop strategic unity with non pro-Iranian / 'Sunni' forces in Iraq. Without such a development, Iraq's people will not be able to hold together as Iraqi PM Maliki's govt is contributing to sectarianism by massacring and torturing hundreds of protesters this year. Maliki is no Assad, let alone Gadafi or Nasrallah.

I know none of my pro-Iranian or pro-Iraqi Baath friends are gonna be wholly happy with this analysis, but while I am loyal to IR Iran, Syria, Hizbullah; Iraq is way too much of a hyper bloody freak product of internalised imperialist wars and direct imperialist wars to be given much respect. Maybe I am wrong, and I remain open minded.

Back to the western strategy in Iraq right now. Make no mistake, the west will be seeking to draw the Iranians into a quagmire in Iraq while military intel gathering on the Iranians, and will be seeking to facilitate Isis capacity to fight on in Syria. At the same time, Iran will be using the situation in relation to the west to be pushing its positions.

God bless Iraq. Our peoples who have suffered too long. May God bring you unity and more unity.

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