Monday, 2 June 2014


Scotland united with GlobalSouth Consensus, england with the empire consensus

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
02 june 2014

There is generally a consensus in the 'west' right across the political spectrum from far left to far right and everything in between: this consensus is in support of the colonial matrix of power which encapsulates neo-colonialism's impact on everything, one can see this most clearly in the fact how this consensus was manifest in the nato attack on Libya and how the same wanted that on Syria.

However, within the 'west', there are contradictions, the greatest of which is arguably manifest in Scotland right now (as well as Ukraine, if one can call Ukraine a country in the 'west', indeed, this contention is part of what is violently defining the opposing sides there: alas I digress!). Interestingly SNP in Scotland, like Sinn Fein in Ireland, like Sortu in Basque Country are broadly (with contradictions) outside of this consensus, instead they are more closer to the GlobalSouth consensus.

What is this GlobalSouth consensus (called by the enemy - the 'west - sometimes as the "Beijing Consensus")? It is PRO-immigration, against militarism and for peace and win-win mutually respectful relations with the world or 'positive neutrality', it is against neo-liberal economics and is aligned with the GlobalSouth.

So the Scottish peoples who have been at once the victims of english colonialism and partially the beneficiaries of it are now showing the world that around half of them want out of the colonial consensus of the west, and would rather join the GlobalSouth consensus. This is a historic development that requires much analysis and reflection.

From this london-based, Indian/SouthAsian born loyalist to the GlobalSouth, Scotland and the SNP have been an inspiration for all the victims of english colonialism across the world. We wish them the best in their quest for Liberation, and in so doing their quest is our festival of seeing the most dirty, rapacious, devlish political union - the united kingdom - teetering on a cataclysmic historic crisis.

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