Thursday, 5 June 2014


Why does the british state want secret trials? 10 Possible factors

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
June 15 2014

10 reasons why the brits want a secret trial of terrorism suspects. Their covert counter-insurgency strategy of using terrorism and at the same time criminalising terrorism is being increasingly exposed and understood by more and more people. What are some of the aspects and ingredients that have led to this exposition?

1. The lynching of post nato-bombed Libya - christopher stevens - and what that exposed of a usa state / cia centre in Benghazi that was working with death squads (ie., terrorists), arresting and detaining some, promoting others, and shipping arms and death squads to Syria etc has been exposed. Moreover, Libya Feb 2011 onwards saw death squads promoted as freedom fighters openly in the mainstream. Anyone who wanted to cause death and destruction of Libya was openly celebrated int he western mainstream media as 'freedom fighters' (return to Afghanistan 1980s and Rambo III 1988! lol)

2. Liver-eating and head chopping allies of the brits (and the 'west' in general) in Syria kinda sabotaged the brits strategy in Syria in terms of trying to (and increasingly failing) to show the 'armed opposition' to the Syrian government as something good. Hence they are basically still encouraging people to go to Syria, but also doing overt criminalising at the same time to try and convince people that they aren't all over the death squads in Syria, arming, financing and directing them on the ground with british special forces.

3. When Russia-China-NorthKorea-Iran-Hizbullah-Algeria all united with Syria in sabotaging the impending western bombing of Syria last year (you know, when all the snakes, fakes, fools and tools were silently praying for it to happen), there was a mass outcry from the slightly wiser people under the slogan: "we will not fight to Obama and Cameron's death squads in Syria".

4. Senior activist in anti-war and pro-Palestine circles, Moazzam Begg's arrest for supporting and helping openly violent sectarian death squads and the way MI6 ticked off his visits there has exposed the hot-cold relationship between the death squads and the british state.

5. The trial of Abu Hamza, (one of the most perfect Muslim bogey men that the british state and Abu Hamza and Co helped to develop) in the usa exposed his dealings with the intel agencies in london who worked together to control the pro-death squads (pro-Al-Qaeda) youth in london and ensure "there is no blood split in london".

6. The other senior AlQaeda guy Abu Qatada has been sent back to Jordan and is openly organising for AlQaeda types now.

7. The 'Boston Bombers' open connections to usa sponsored terrorism in the Caucasus.

8. People realising more and more than the more the west get involved aggressively in any country in the 'Muslim world', the more these death squads proliferate.

9. The destruction of Malian/Islamic/African/World heritage in Timbuktu and other places of the western promoted death squads from Libya, and their connected sectarian depravity in Mali, with the british and french bombing of the place seen by vast swathes of people for the double dealing hypocritical nastiness that it was.

10. That people have not forgotten Gaddafi saying that the west are allied with these death squads (broadly termed 'AlQaeda) in their mission to destroy Libya. While having been ridiculed for saying as much by the mainstream and their allies in the snakes, fakes, fools and tools, people have seen that actually he was correct and that is exactly what happened and has spread like wild fire destroying everything in its wake.

I should add that anyone bemoaning these secret trials and not developing analysis as to the above is part of promoting the state strategy.

There are other factors, like people impacted by these death squads in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Nigeria and many other places just being more than sick to death (excuse the unintentional morbid pun) by these death squads and their western puppet masters. The list at the end of the tunnel is that growing numbers of people are waking up to this and developing non-sectarian and anti-imperialist methods to defeat them, especially in Syria, but also in Libya, Mali and elsewhere. We will win, we have no choice. Its a case of unite or perish.

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Anonymous said...

interesting comments. i think you have a point regarding Anjem et co, and their tie up with MI5. you mentioned Moazzem Begg. I have seen him speak several times, next to swp/counterfire types, and it is somewhat unclear, from his speeches, what is his political tendency. his arrest however, is worrying, as is the arrest of B. Ahmed, and T.Ahsan. the secret trial is a disturbing event also.

there is something very dodgy about going out to fight against Gaddafi and then Al-Assad, and basically doing the dirty work of the US/UK under a different flag. its kind of funny to see all those leftists which cheered the rebellion against Gaddafi now so quiet, as the country has been handed back over to the imperialists.