Thursday, 15 May 2014


Zanu-PF congratulates ANC


"We stand with the ANC at this historic moment and will continue to be a strong friend and ally of the ANC and the South African people. The May 7 election victory was by no means easy, coming as it did against the backdrop of malicious and well co-ordinated efforts to cause the defeat of the ANC.

There was no question at all that the smear campaign against the ANC, in particular against President Jacob Zuma, was intended, in the main, to distract the South African people from the glaring achievements of the successive ANC governments since 1994.

Fortunately, and because the progressive record of the ANC speaks for itself, that was not the case as millions of South Africans elected to do the right thing by looking at the facts and acting in the national interest.

The convincing victory of the ANC, which came hardly 10 months after ZANU PF’s resounding victory, is clear proof that liberation movements remain the political movements of choice in 21st century African politics.

We indeed share a common history, a common culture and a common destiny. We stand ready to build on these common values with the ANC in the months and years to come."

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