Friday, 23 May 2014


" [...] There is really an amazing set of contradictions in Africa when you stop to ponder over it. Africa has moved away from colonialism and straight into the end of the 20th century. The problems the African people are facing are 20th century problems. We see on the African continent that the era is the era of neo-colonialism. We don't have to go through that long historical experience which the United State went through for a whole century in order to understand it. Because, in a way, their history is our history. Likewise, the history of Asia is our history. 

So Africa has all these contradictions staring it in the face just ten years after independence. In some cases the country becomes independent after these contradictions have already manifested themselves in other adjacent areas of Africa, as happened in the case of Guinea-Bissau and Angola. One's sense of what is to be done and where Africa is going must take into account these very many facets. I haven't even mentioned the problem of the Palestinians, which is virtually a North African problem and, in a sense, an African problem that is going to be another factor for change on the African scene."

- p44, Walter Rodney Speaks, Africa World Press

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