Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Homs, the city in Syria which is 'the home' of the nato death squad 'uprising' has fallen to the Syrian and GlobalSouth resistance (Hizbullah, Iran, Socialist North Korea, Russia, China, South Africa, Algeria etc).

What have the death squads achieved in Homs for the past three years, what have they achieved in Syria? Nothing but death, trauma and division. Nothing else. Everything they touch they destroy.

Like the bonkers brigades using and abusing Islam across the 'Muslim world' from Boko Haram in Nigeria to Abu Sayyaf in Philippines, these are the death squads directed and manipulated by the 'west' through the Gulf (Qatar and Saudi) who are designed to strategically traumatise, divide, and destroy our Homelands. This and only this is what these empire scum can achieve.

It is imperative for the survival of the Homelands that these scum are exposed and defeated.

That also means disallowing their supporters amongst our circles the 'human rights' space to operate.

Those who give cover for, organise and recruit for the kidnappers of girls, the beheaders of Shia, the lynchers of Black people ARE NOT our human rights campaigns, they are nato's agents and one of the primary means by which nato and white supremacy imperialism is destroying us.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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